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You are tortured by your crush with farts!
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Chapter 6

Walk towards where the sound came from and inve...

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You walk towards the cubicle where the sound had come from and see the door is closed but not locked.
You open the door to see Dylan clutching his stomach with his big round butt in the air. You apologise for walking in and turn away. Before you are about to leave you hear him say “wait”. You turn around to see him glancing down at your crotch and his eyebrows raise as he sees the large bulge at your crotch. “Is that a-“ he asks. You nod your head admittingly. “From my-“ He asks again as you nod once again. Without words he leads you by the hand to a storage cupboard the size of a bedroom.He closes the door and walks into the centre of the room. He kneels down and get onto his hands and knees and smiles at you. He waits for you to get closer as he lets out a deep and extending fart that assaults your senses with a smell of rotten eggs that makes your eyes water.
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