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You are tortured by your crush with farts!
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Chapter 11

Stacey comes and asserts superiority

    by: ButtMuncher   More by this author
Smelling like farts you went straight to your room, hungry and exhausted but fearing what would happen if you went to dinner. You went to shower, tried to get rid of as much as you could and would try to get the rest off in the morning before breakfast.

Suddenly at 2 am someone was banging at your door. A shiver went down your back, and you pretended to stay sleeping. Nervous you waited for a moment, and silence came back, you felt safe to sleep again.
But something felt off, your whole body itching like bugs were crawling over you. Anxious you opened your eyes, and found yourself in the darkness under your blanket, and after looking around saw your now giant pillow. Frantically you scurried around to find a way out, when the blanket lifted at some point and you ran towards it.

Right as you were almost close enough to look out, someones backside was crashing in, and the seam of someones black jeans was the last thing you saw before you felt yourself get flattened to a pancake. With no warning a massive fart grinded over your body and out into the space of the blanket, your body shaking violently from the power of the blast of hot gas. Several more sharper ones, warm like they were cooking you alive, pressed over your face. And with that the human ass lifted up, and you looked at Staceys jolly smirk, poking through her thighs.

"What is uuuuup little bitch" She sang out, her voice admittedly sounding very sexy with its clean high pitch. "Thought i would come by and have some fun with my gurl~".
You heaved, having swallowed her giant farts, and laughed along. "Fun with your girl? I'm more of a doll don't you think?". Stacey smiled, thinking for a moment and nodding.
Her stomach growled, and she gave you a cheeky smile with her tongue out. "Maybe i came here to deliver your dinner too from what i feel.....".
Something got you excited, but you tried to hide that. You knew what she was getting at, and didn't want her to know that you wanted it. Stacey picked you up putting the blanket away, and put you down infront of her backside. Slowly her jeans peeled off her buttcheeks, taking her time. You knew that she was aware, and blushed.

"I brought you some quesadila, bitch" She groaned, her stomach growling again as she pulled down her pink panties and revealed you her open buttcrack. "Cooked right in my tummy so you know its gonna be spicy....unf....". Stacey leaned forward, and was caught by suprise as she felt something immediately between her buttcheeks. "Oh my gosh! No waaaaay....wait....".
Within a few seconds you disappeared in the abyss of her bum, and made her blush as you hit her anus which was the size of your own. Quickly she pulled up her pants and slumped down on the bed, quietly pushing on her stomach. "Mhmmm.....hope you like ass meal....."
Languidly she pooped right on you, her gigantic doodoo covering you, and immediately you went to work and ate it up. Eating right from her bowels has felt like it was meant to be, and you had no problem finishing until she would only rip a short fart on you.

Stacey got ready to pull you out, until suddenly she felt you stuck in her shitter like a plug. In a jolly mood she pushed a fart out, and filled your tiny tummy with her warm gas right from her bowels. You could taste all that she ate from the last week, and were happily swallowing it down. She farts again, and you got launched out and into the inside of her pants.
Happily she plucked you out from her pants, you both heaving and feeling the love in the air. Stacey grinned at you, slowly licking her lips. For a moment you hesitated, until she licked you and you whispered to her. "I'm your tiny sna....".

She didn't hesitate licking you up like candy and chewing you out. Abit too thrilled she started grinding you to a paste in her mouth, rubbing you all over her gum and slowly dripping you down her throat. Satisfied she burped and got up, patting her belly as she left.
"I hope you don't end as bum fat, little bitch" She giggled, her stomach welcoming your pasty body and working you up.

The next morning, Stacey woke up with a sweet taste in her mouth, having a familiar flavor in her mind. Languidly she shrugged it off and went on to shower and dress herself to come by your room.....only to find you were not there.
"Hmmm....maybe later then" She chuckled and left. Suddenly she felt a gurgle in her belly, and the warmth of love down her lower parts. "God i'm so hungry....".
Sitting down at the table she had her favorite quesadila again, talking a little with her friends while still feeling this warm gurgle in her belly and suddenly down her colon. After a few minutes she realized it was the quesadila, got up and made her way to her room.

The gurgle was starting to get achy, but in a lovely way. Stacey hurried a little and went immediately to the bathroom. But before she could pull down her pants, her bowels gave up, and she sharted into her buttcheeks. "Great.....that's on me i guess....." She groaned, going into the room and changing her pants.
Curiosity struck her, and she took a whiff of the stain she left in her panties, and she remembered what had happened last night.
"Oh my gosh, i turned you into poops!". She bursted into laughter, cackling at the stain in her panties that was you. Eager she crammed the underwear into her buttcheeks, getting comfy to shit and fart the rest of you into the fabrics alongside her breakfast quesadila.

Stacey was hollering as she rubbed her asshole with her panties, farting into it while wiping her buttcrack. The underwear was to cramped to a mess, and your body was filled into every fiber in the form of a brown paste. "Isn't that what you wanted?" She giggled. "Hope that made it clear who's the boss".
She left the panties under her bed and left, and within the hours she was gone you slowly turned back into a doll sized full body. But the memory of having been Stacey's literal shit was forever burned into you.....and it felt great
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