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You are tortured by your crush with farts!
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Chapter 5

She pulls her pants down

    by: Binman   More by this author
"Of course dear," She smirked. "In fact I'm going to give you a little present."
Then she pulled down her pants revealing a sexy black and red panty.
"You like it?" She giggled seductively. She got up, bent over and grunted out a baby fart in your face. Pfoot!
"Whew that one was cuteeee," she said.

She got up and walked to the sofa while taking her shirt off. Now she was left in a hot bra and cute panty. Then she slowly went down and sat on your lap facing towards you and pressed her boobs against your face. Satisfied with the position she was in, she ripped the most sexy, wet and stinky fart ever.


"Oh my excuuuusee meee," she laughed.
Suddenly you felt something growing in your pants and so did she. She looked at you with a cheeky smirk and you gulp.

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