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You are tortured by your crush with farts!
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Chapter 6

She strips completely

    by: Binman   More by this author
"Hmm i feel like there is something below me," Scarlet said. "I should probably go find out what it is."
Suddenly, your pants disappeared and she starts removing your boxers, revealing your long little friend.
You start to blush. She noticed this and whispers "Wow it's so bigg."
She grabs it and softly blows on it making you quiver with excitement.
"Now I feel like I'm missing out on some of the fun," she coos.
Slowly, she begins take off her bra and her glorious tits make an appearance. Then she removes her panties.

Once done, she returns to her place on your lap and slowly moves her ass around your lap making you tilt your head back.
"Enjoying that huh? Well i'm going to give you something you're never going to forget!" she declares. And with that she released a heavenly hot fart on your rock hard penis.
"Oh Scarlett YESSSS!!!!" you moaned. "PLEASE MORE!!!"
"Certainly," she grins.
As she releases a wet one on your dick, you plant your face into her boobs making her gasp and moan.
"Oh you naughty boy," she moaned.
She grabbed your cock and put it in front of her entrance. Then she released a long wet fart on the tip of your member.
"Oh wow!" you said.
"You like it?" She asked biting her lip.
"I LOVE IT!" you scream.
"Then let me give you more." she giggled
And then she ripped out more sexy farts onto your now leaking dick
"Wow you're dripping," she said happily.
"Y-yeah," you respond.
Let's make you more leaky," she smirked and set you lying down with her ass in your face and her tits sandwiching your cock.
Slowly she moved her tits up and down your member as your liquid trailed on her.
Then she let out the most sexiest sounding fart with a powerful stench on your face. Oh how lucky you felt.
She then wiggled her booty in your face/ She continued to fart in your face until she got a really sexy idea.
She sat on your penis making you enter her. Then she released an extremely wet fart which may have even had some shit on it. Sure enough when she pulled out there was some brown solid on your dick. You gasped. Scarlett Johansson had just taken a shit on your dick and you enjoyed every second of it.
"Oh sorry," she blushed. "Here let me clean it for you."
Then she licked the poo mixed with cum and swallowed it.
"Delicious," she winked and let out a small toot. "Now let me give your friend a new home in my mouth."
Then she made you sit up and took your entire 7 inches in her mouth and played with your balls. Her eyes rolled back in bliss as she let out another wet fart.
You were in heaven.
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