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  1. The Beginning: A New Life
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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
Chapter 1

The Beginning: A New Life

    by: bobboled   More by this author
You are walking back to your on-campus dorm one night when you spot a large, shiny black orb in front of your door. Curious, you go to pick it up and then the world turns black. You lost in a sea of darkness, no sensation other than a light pressure all over your body. You see a light in the distance, and it appears to be coming closer to you. As it approaches, you are able to make out the shape of a woman, clothed in flowing silks. She floats close to and you are able to see that she is no ordinary woman. She seems to positively glow with energy, a radiance of light surrounding her. She is magnificent, as if the word were created to define her alone. Her body is beautiful and curvaceous, but you notice something off about her, and that would be the giant dick resting between her thighs. You can't help but stare in wonder at this strange and astounding sight before. You are snapped out of you stupor when she speaks to you in a voice like golden silk, "I have found you at last," her voice is sultry and it echoes in your head, "you will be the one to succeed my power."

"What!" you ask incredulously. Is she saying what you think she's saying.

"What I speak is true mortal, for too long have I been imprisoned in this cage of human design. They feared my gift, the sorcerers of your past, and they saw fit to bind me here." she pauses, then continues, "But now the time has come, their bonds are weak with the passage of time, for they could not bind me forever. However, I have grown weak and tired as well, and I wish to finally attain peace, but I do not wish for my legacy to end there, so I have searched for a suitable replacement and you are the one I have chosen. You meet all the qualities that I desire in a successor, and I believe that you will use my power correctly. Of course, how that is done is for you to figure out." she says with a smirk.

"But-," you begin to say, but she pushes a finger against you lips to silence you.

"You have no choice in the matter, I;m afraid. You are going to continue in my steps whether you want to or not. Although I am sure you will come to love it eventually. You will transform, you will change, you will pervert. This is your destiny, now accept it." and with that she cackles as she glides up to your face and shoves her dick in your mouth. Your whole world goes white.

You wake up with a shock. Was it a dream?, you think to yourself. You stand up and feel a strange shift in your gravity. As your vision clears you notice one thing first and foremost, there are two mounds underneath your shirt. You frantically reach underneath your shirt and confirm that they are real. The pleasure you feel from this is unmistakable. Panicking, you reach down to confirm what you already expected, you have a pussy down there now. You rush into your room, thankful that Morrigan hadn't returned from her weekend at her parent's house yet. Opening the door with shaky hands, you find her head mirror under her bed. You look at yourself and it is not your face that is reflected in the mirror. It is an entirely new, entirely female one. Your face is beautiful, easily model material, it's beautiful enough to catch any guy, and a lot a of girls too. Your hair falls down to your shoulder blades in straight dark red locks that have a dazzling sheen in the light of your bedroom. You body is nothing to scoff at either. Your skin is a pale white white, making you look more like an elf than a human. Your breasts are practically bursting out of your top, they must be C-cups at least. The rest of you body is filled out in a shapely and athletic manor, and when you lift you shirt up yo see that you have a decent amount of muscle tone. Also, thankfully, your still around your same height of 5'11". Altogether, you'd have to say you were hot. Really hot...

While you were admiring yourself, you failed to notice that the door was open, and your roommate had returned. Morrigan was a cute girl, at 5'7" with a slim body, short raven hair, b-cup breasts and a nordic facial structure, she was the envy of many of the girls in your dorm, and many of the boys were jealous that you got to room with her. She stood there looking at you with impatience. "Well, aren't you going to say hello, or are you too busy checking yourself out?" she says in a mocking tone. She smiles and gives you a hug before she flops down on her bed.

You are aghast. Did she not notice? You speak up, "Uh, Morrigan, does anything seem different to you?"

"No, not that I cans see. Did you get a haircut maybe?"

"Uh yeah, I got it cut a little longer," you say, and you both start laughing. Apparently, reality has shifted so that everyone remembers you always being this way. Then you remember that the goddess said that you would have powers. Sitting down on your own bed you decide to...

Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   Go to bed, try your powers out tomorrow

2.   Experiment on Morrigan

3.   Experiment on yourself

4.   Try to grow your penis back

5.   Something else

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