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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
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Chapter 3

Try to restore her... somehow

    by: FromDurgeWithLove   More by this author
Realizing that this may have been your doing, you think about maybe fixing her. She might be much, much cuter like this....but you'd get back to that later. For now, she would make for the best test of your new powers, since she clearly didn't notice any changes.

You close your eyes and focus on Morrigan'a body, imagining her normal...though, maybe not completely normal. Maybe not even normal at all. Your mind decides to have a bit of fun with her, swapping her nipples with her eyes and her mouth with her vagina, so her face was technically on her torso and her lady bits on her face.

You open your eyes to find that very same image made reality. Morrigan stood back at her full height, normal looking from behind, but when she turned around, her eyes were on her boobs and her mouth at her crotch. "Ready to go eat?" You didn't even notice that she'd wrapped her head in a scarf to cover up. The thought of removing it made you blush, knowing what lay underneath.
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