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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
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Chapter 5

Alien sex monster.

    by: lord thanatos   More by this author
Working with inspiration that seems to come to you from an outside source, or maybe just a direct link to your subconscious, as you've never consciously considered something like this before, you concentrate on Morgan, morphing her face, a large cunt replacing her nose and mouth, running all the way from what used to be the bridge of her nose, down to just a few inches above her chin, with a more normal sized pair of cunts replacing her eyeballs, which in turn migrate downwards, one resting in the hollow of her throat, with her other eye replacing her navel. However, that's only the start of your friends transformation, her original pussy transforming into a drooling mouth with thick full and puffy bright red dick sucking lips, a retractable three foot prehensile tongue trailing from between them.

Turning your attention to Morgan's newly improved breasts you have to admit they look pretty good, but they'd look that much better if there were more of them, adding another three pairs before running out of room. Deciding that even with eight breasts your roommate still doesn't have enough, nor nearly enough hands to pleasure them all, you decide to try something really wild.

Morgan's clothes are ripped apart by her continuing transformation, three more pairs of arms sprouting from her sides, her legs morphing into arms as well, as her ass explodes outward, growing and stretching out into a long flexible body. Merging seemlessly into her torso, and studded with countless sets of arms along the sides and breasts along the bottom, the whole lower torso resembles an odd fusion of human female and caterpillar roughly twelve feet long, ending in a huge bulbous ass with a pussy large enough to easily swallow a baseball bat, and an even gigantic gapping anus capable of engulfing a traffic cone!

Though you find your friends new form undeniablely sexy in a bizarre sort of way, as the tingling and warm wetness gushing from your girlish gash can attest to, she still seems unfinished somehow, like there's some detail that... Then it comes to you. Compared to her huge number of tits Morgan has is somewhat lacking in genitalia, and possesses no penis whatsoever. How can she properly entertain your new pussy without one?!

Had you been thinking more clearly you'd have realized that many of these were not your thoughts, that before your transformation you never would have imagined something this weird, let alone been attracted to it. The desire for a dick inside you is foreign as well, having always been strictly a heterosexual male until a short while ago. Obsessed as you are with your creation and drunk on your own power however you fail to notice this shift in your desires.

Working to. Correct this perceived flaw in your design you add more, placing another pussy between every two pairs of breasts, a row of fleshy backwards curving eight inch dick like protrusions running up and down Morgan's flexible spine, each nob wired directly into the central nerve cluster for maximum pleasure. Deciding that, though Morgan's spinal phalis are nice, she might prefer to take a more aggressive roll, or even fuck herself from time to time, as a bonus feature you add a tail. Extending out from her ass directly above her gapping asshole, easily long and flexible enough to reach the set of cunts replacing her face and tiped with a trio of two foot dicks as thick as soda cans, Morgan's tail is the perfect addition to the mutant sex monster your friend has become. Adding a pair of elf ears and anime purple hair just for the heck of it, and your creation is complete!
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