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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
This choice: Hands over your mouth, you find yourself shaking your head 'no'. · Go Back...
Chapter 5

Hands over your mouth, you find yourself shaking.

    by: Mr. George   More by this author
Unable to flee the bed, you sit, trembling, as the orb pulses in her hand once more. Your body transforms, a little extra weight tugging at your shoulders, a little extra width to your hips, a little extra roundness to your ass.


"Okay... Okay..." you squeak, "I'm happy... I'm happy, I love my body."

Your words drip with insincerity, you can't face an even more extreme body. "I'm not sure I believe you... Convince me."

Her fingers tighten around the sphere, "Please. I love this body, I do. It's the perfect woman's body."


"And,", you swallow, "and I'm a woman."

"Yes, yes you are." her eyes taking in your curves, your wide-eyed fear, you suspect she's turned on by the power trip, by this situation.

A pulse of warmth runs through your body settling in your stomach, a wave of heat, of need that you don't understand. An unfamiliar craving, looking to Morrigan, you see a hint of a smile, she's done something to you. Clenching your thighs, you try and bury this sensation, to smother it to nothing.

"You're hardly every woman's dream form. You don't project power, or seriousness." Her contempt building, as her anger rises.

"In fact, you look like a submissive slut who can only get her way by pleasing men."

Not knowing where this is heading, you shake your head, whimpering you plead for mercy. In a moment, it feels like you're falling down a pit. Receding into the recesses of your head. The world still looks the same, but there's a distance between you and your body.

"Welcome to being a passive passenger, Alex."

You shake your head, hearing yourself speak, "Hi... Morri..." your tone bubbly, girly and fun.

"Hi, Alexa..." she looks you in the eye. But it's Alexa who smiles back at her, "Wanna go to a club...."

She sounds brainless, you sound brainless, "Let's drive some boys wild." Leaning forward, you and Morrigan embrace. Your sumptuous busts bobbling, and bouncing against each other.
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