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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
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Chapter 5

Evening things out

    by: Dragos Drakkar   More by this author
You do find yourself a little unbalanced, so best to correct that. Focusing there, the same surge of power causes the same bloom of heat but in your breasts instead. It starts out slow but steady. The effect ramps up as you continue, leaving your former cup size in the dust. Your shirt hikes higher and higher as your tits continue to swell further and further. Soon this leaves your trim belly open to the air but cast in complete shadow by breasts that should be putting strain on your back. But you don’t feel troubled at all. Even still you don’t stop there, you can’t stop there. Your lust for breasts demands you continue.

Soon your shirt’s creaks and groans fill the air. A sharp tearing noise alerts you to the seams tearing under the onslaught. This opens up a bit of room that the still growing titflesh devours. Before long, you’re moving into sizes that are typical of strippers and porn stars. And you aren’t going to stop yet.

The shirt gives up its futile endeavor. The seam in one side splits from the arm all the way down, while the other fares little better. You tear the destroyed garment the rest of the way, tossing the torn scraps to the floor. Only now do you let the power coast to a trickle that dies off a few seconds later.

Sweat has made your pale skin shine, your arousal a feral thing as you take in what you have done. What were once respectable breasts have grown into heaving mounds that should have your back screaming in agony, if not worse. They overflow your hands yet remain perky to a supernatural degree. And the feelings…A single touch is almost enough to bring you to your knees.

There is something missing though. After a moment’s thought you realize what it is. You turn your power to the task of expanding your hips and thighs. The beleaguered shorts give up less than a moment after you begin. They explode off of you with their remains dropping to the floor to pool around your feet.

This time the growth goes even faster, or so it seems to you, so it doesn’t take long for each of your thighs to end up almost as wide as your shoulders to better match your ballooned breasts and ample ass. You can’t see it all, but you know you now possess divine level curves worthy of a sex goddess. It’s all you can do to not start masturbating from how sexy you find yourself.

You almost give in when a noise behind you pierces your lust clouded mind and reminds you of Morrigan. A wide smile splits your face as you think that she’ll provide some wonderful relief. Glancing back, you see that your roomy has gotten up off her bed. She’s staring at you with an odd and unreadable expression on her face.
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