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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
This choice: She falls to her knees before you and begs you to let her touch you. · Go Back...
Chapter 6

Coming out on top

    by: Dragos Drakkar   More by this author
“Please Mistress, will you allow me to touch you, pleasure you as your very presence does me?” Morrigan pleads from the ground, her eyes planted on the floor despite how obvious she wants to turn her eyes up towards you.

Mistress? you ponder. That’s new and then after a moment but not unwelcome.

Why shouldn’t she be fawning over you? You are a goddess and even look the part now. And a goddess should have followers…and servants. Morrigan would do well as one of your servants as well.

Reaching down, you slip a hand under her chin and pull it up so that she is almost looking you in the eye. “Very well pet, let’s see how you do.”

She looks ready to melt as you say that. Her eyes glimmer and relief spreads through her body as a wide grin splits her face. She returns to her feet with a little hesitation even still. Slipping off her shirt leaves her in only a lacy black bra. Then she steps up to you, pressing her body against yours. You can feel the warmth radiating off of her.

She starts by nuzzling her face into your shoulder and neck. She kisses and nibbles there. Then you feel her hands on your breasts, fingers working the hefty expanses. Your already impressive nipples harden into diamond cutters under her care and your breathing turns hot and heavy. One hand slips down leaving that breast alone. You almost say something about that until she leans down and goes to work there with her lips and tongue. You shut your mouth and let her continue. The wandering hand glides down across your flawless skin before busying itself with your ass. Skilled fingers knead the flesh adding another layer to her pleasurable work.

She continues this for a while, then she lets out a whimper as you push her back. There’s fear and worry on her face until you shush her and say, “It’ll be just a moment.” Then you slip past her to the bed and beckon her with a finger.

She gives a little cry of joy before jumping on the bed. That turns into a yelp of surprise as you flip the two of you over, pinning her beneath you. Then you give her a quick nod to continue. She returns to her previous task with gusto. Now she’s putting her mouth to work on the opposite breast, and both hands dig deep into your butt and thighs. Throughout, she squirms beneath you and bucks her hips. All her care soon has you moaning as heat continues to build and you grow moist down below.

Morrigan gets her third surprise as you shove her flat on the bed and hold her in place. She moans in disappointment. However, you also see a little twinkle in her eyes showing her desire to know what you’re planning. Much the same, your breasts yearn for her touch again, glistening from her oral care. You have something else in mind though.

You now slide up across her, leaving a moist trail behind on her stomach and up onto her breasts. Morrigan squirms further, a bit of impatience evident. Then you get to where you want, kneeling on top of her head with a leg on either side pinning her there. Not that she wants to move from the ecstasy she’s displaying.

“You know what to do, so do it,” you command, your voice heavy with breath.

You’re not sure if she can hear you but it doesn’t matter. She turns her experienced mouth upon you and moans grown even louder. It takes only moments but feels like an eternity of pleasure before an electric burst races through your body and you thrown your head back. Your thighs clamp around Morrigan’s head and force her to cope with the deluge. You don’t believe she would complain even if she could. Instead, she continues to lap and suck keeping you going for far longer than you would have thought possible.

When at last you are spent, you collapse off of her to lie on the bed beside her. You find yourself caressing her hair, praising her for a job well done. Your chest heaves as you gulp down air. It takes you a while to realize that she’s trying say something back.

It’s even longer before you can make out what she’s gasping out. “Thank you, Mistress.” Again and again she says it as her eyelids flutter.

Soon after, she drifts asleep leaving you alone to take stock. You feel fantastic and worn out at the same time. Little twitches continue to effect random muscles and you don’t think your breasts will ever stop tingling. You scoot over a bit and plant a quick peck on her Morrigan’s cheek before reaching down to take a quick grope of her breasts. Looking down a bit further, you see that her pants are dark and wet from where you were sitting on her as well as her own excitement from when she ate you out.

A thought worms into your head: you should do something to reward Morrigan for her excellent work. But what? Then it comes to you in a flash and you set your power to work.
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