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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
This choice: There's an accident, and you suddenly have a great deal of empathy for her... · Go Back...
Chapter 5

There's an accident, and you suddenly empathise.

    by: Mr. George   More by this author
As you watch Morrigan's incredible nips stiffen through the bare top, her eyes flutter, and her whole spine spasms as she's overcome with waves of ecstasy. A whole body orgasm ripping through her, you can't help but just for a moment, just be jealous, just be a little curious.

In your clenched palm the orb pulses darkly, and you feel vastly different yourself. Looking down, you can't avoid seeing the immense udders you've accidentally wished on yourself. Your ripe nipples, even larger, even ruder and more lewd than hers. Poking through your top.


Your whole body seeming more alert to the air in the room. The least breeze teasing the sparse, thin hairs on your skinny legs to goose-bumps as you mutter your own foolishness. Now, it's you fighting the mounting, repeating waves of joy that surge through your body. The aching need to be teased, pleased, filled and fucked.

Your lips move, but you can't summon the will to wish away this all-encompassing joy. In place of your restoration, you feel only another spike of pleasure, strike you like a bolt of lightning. Your knees quivering as you struggle to stay upright, your bust now even larger.


Now, you look over to Morrigan, through eyelashes batting like a butterfly in a tornado. That she's eyeing you up and down. Too late, you remember that Morrigan is a devoted Lesbian, and you've just made a massive mistake.

You've gone from her platonic room-mate, to her lover, her submissive, her prey?...
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