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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
This choice: Helpless to control the least twitch of a finger, you wait for your chance. · Go Back...
Chapter 6

Helpless to control the least twitch of a finger.

    by: Mr. George   More by this author
Sitting there, you wait for Morrigan's lead. Her blanking of your suggestion scaring you mute. You live to please her, to serve her. Quivering in anticipation, you wait your next clue. Trembling from head to toe, you prepare yourself, as she joins you on the bed.

"I'm feeling selfish tonight, Alexa." She traces a hand up and down your skinny arm, leaving a prickle of electrified senses in its' path. A mewling whimper of need spills from your lips, broadcasting your need. The smile from Morrigan tells you the message was received and understood.

As Morrigan runs one hand through your hair, she traces the outline of your shell-like ear. It's more powerful than you could possibly have imagined. She leans close, and you submit ready to surrender entirely to her will, awaiting the kiss you need to complete you. Her warm breath presaging that kiss as her hot breath ruffles your hair, and makes you blush crimson. But the kiss refuses to fall.

"I want more..." Morrigan tells you teasingly.

As your body complies, you feel your rear swell to please her, your bust surging as it too aches to please her.


"Please..." you beg wholeheartedly, yearning for her command. Her least request providing the very purpose for your life.
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