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  1. You have Arrived
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An amusement park that you never leave the same way you came
Chapter 1

You have Arrived

    by: manly pineapple   More by this author
You just graduated from high school and o celebrate you drove to this amusement park you heard about. You think this will awesome i am gonna have so much fun little did you know that the rides and games here will change you some in more ways than one.
As you arrive at the park you pay admissions but the guy at the front says "wait before i let you in you have to sign this form" you really want to go in so with out reading the paper at all you sign it and go in to the park. You are amazed by all the rides games and restaurants here at the park it is like some one rolled up a mall a six flags and an arcade all in one place. You cant decide where to go so you do what you always do you close your eyes hold out your hand, point and spin when you stop you see that you stopped on .....
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You have the following choices:

1.   the roller coasters

2.   the midway

3.   the restaurants

4.   a zoo


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