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by Eralla
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Sci-fi · #1934497
Your Mother shows you and your sister the powers you gained when you matured
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Chapter #6

Mother's Fun

    by: Eralla
"S-Sure" you say while you continue quickly masturbating. You feel your mother leave the body when your sister peeps out the word "Con-continue." Suddenly your body and sister's body sits up and starts undressing. Your sister's body lays back down and starts rubbing her clit and moaning while your body sits up and starts stroking his cock. You slow down and watch the bodies as you say "Woah, are you controlling two bodies?" Your body laughs and says "Yeah, though right now I have your sister's body on a autopilot to masturbate. Anyway just watch the show and masturbate" Your body just continues pumping his cock and your sister's body just rubs her clit. You start masturbating harder and thinking of your body and your sisters. "This is amazing" you think as you continue rubbing.

You go faster and faster till a feeling strikes your whole body as your back lunges in ecstasy.

"O-Oh my god, that was amazing. This is the best birthday ever"

"Want to continue, possibly with even more fun?" says your mother.

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