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Naruto is the last male on earth. Now every girl wants a piece of him.

Naruto is the last male on earth. Now every girl wants a piece of him.

This is an interactive story containing 360 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
For one reason or another -- whether because of, say, a virus that wipes out the world’s male population, or a jutsu that turns all men into girls, or a sadistic goddess that renders all other men sterile/impotent/eunuchs -- Naruto Uzumaki is now the only fertile man left in a world full of women.

All those girls who may have before said of Naruto “Not even if he was the last man on earth” are now forced to eat their words (and his dick) for the sake of ensuring a new generation, and the continued survival of the human race. Luckily for all, there is plenty of Naruto to go around...


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Okay, now before getting let’s lay down some ground rules:

1. Naruto is the only male. Whether it is because all other males are dead, or turned into women, or whatever, Naruto Uzumaki is the only sexually viable male in this interactive (with, ostensibly, the exception of any boys he may father.

2. Nothing needlessly violent. Specifically, no torture or snuff porn, though bloodplay may be acceptable to a reasonable degree. This is an interactive for passionate orgies and sexual fun, so try to stay on track. And as a corollary

2a. No rape. Considering the sort of interactive this is, of course, there may be some gray areas, but if Naruto is violently forcing himself on girls and seriously abusing them, then that is NOT OKAY. That said, surprise sex and... coerced consent are acceptable, for our purposes. But if she hasn’t said yes (or otherwise displayed signs of wanting it, on some level), then it is not okay.

3. On minors... Lolicon, to a reasonable extent, is acceptable(in the story, that is -- in real life of course it is wrong, as statutory rape is, for legal purposes, no better than regular rape). To a reasonable extent being the key word, here. There’s no specific line on what age is too young, perhaps, but for the purposes of this story, if they are old enough to get periods, then they are old enough. I won’t exactly dissuade you from aiming a bit younger, of course, but for a general rule of thumb: if they are too young to talk, they are too young. Period.

4. Gender-bending. Naturally, since one of the potential premises for this story is that all men have been turned into girls, female versions of canonically male characters are for our purposes as good as natural-born girls. (Though if you give the gender-bent characters new, female names, try to at least make them recognizable. Example: Choji becoming Cho, or Shino becoming Shiko.)

4a. Futanari/Hermaphrodites. Somewhat relatedly, you are allowed to introduce hermaphrodite or futanari characters (or turn existing characters into ones), so long as you follow these conditions: 1., they cannot impregnate anyone (would sorta defeat the point of the story, though they can become pregnant themselves), and 2., they use their dicks only on females or fellow hermaphrodites -- that is, Naruto can penetrate them, but preferably THEY would not be penetrating HIM unless it’s very well done or otherwise somehow justified via “plot”.

5. Pregnancy. Since this is ostensibly about Naruto being the only man left capable of fathering a new generation (preferably via hot and steamy sex with all kinds of lovely, nubile ladies), it is natural that characters will get pregnant and have kids. This is fine, and perhaps even encouraged the further down a storyline you get. And if you let the kids grow up (whether via a timeskip or some sort of plot magic that lets them rapidly mature up to a certain point) and decide you want them to participate in some fun sexy times, then sure, that’s fine. Whether it’s sons fucking their sisters or mothers or stepmothers (boys fathered by Naruto are accepted as the chief and probably sole exception to the “Naruto is the only male” rule) or daughters fucking their brothers or father, this is all fine. As long as you don’t make it outstandingly creepy (and I have a high tolerance for such stuff, so this caveat probably won’t be invoked unless you deliberately go out of your way to do so).

6. Quality and quantity. If you are going to make an addition to the story, please make sure the chapter you are submitting is legible. Make use of the enter button to put proper spaces between paragraphs so that your chapter doesn't wind up as an impenetrable wall of text. Additionally, if you are going to be adding a lot of single-sentence choice chapters, please try to also contribute chapters with actual content. Even if it isn’t exactly a masterpiece, as long as it’s readable and not a clusterfuck of misspellings and awful formatting, any contribution is appreciated.

Of course, after saying all of that, I would like to say that these rules are not NECESSARILY set in stone. If you write it well enough, or manage to justify it story-or-plot-wise, then I will gladly make an exception, because I am flexible like that. Hoho.

But that is quite enough ado about nothing! Let us away with the story.
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