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by Willum
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A new app allows you to change the bodies of you and your friends as you please...

A new app allows you to change the bodies of you and your friends as you please...

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
I've written a fair few GTS interactives before, so I decided to try something a little different, so here we go.

This story is about a girl named Azu. She's a 19 year old with fairly average looks and intelligence, and while she has a small circle of friends, she likes to spend a lot of time alone indulging in her favourite video games, comic books, and anime series. One ordinary day, Azu receives an email inviting her to be the first beta tester of a brand new mobile app called BodyMod, based on random selection of users on a fetish forum she visits. This app allows her to set modifications for her own body or mind, and do the same to other people. However, as the app is in beta, it is currently only functional on women.

That's the basic outline of the story, so...
Guidelines and Rules
-This is not a giantess story. I have other giantess interactives if that's what you're interested in. I just want to try something new.
-That said, a small amount of growth is permitted, but to accompany other body changes, and also let's keep it mini-GTS level, so around 15 - 20 feet tall at the very most.
-Muscle growth and body part growth is permitted.
-Weight gain is permitted.
-Vore is permitted, but since there are no giantesses or shrinking, it's more like cannibalism. If you'd like to describe it in graphic detail, go ahead.
-Sex is permitted, but not with minors. You can write about minors if you wish, but keep them out of situations where they're making sexual contact with others for obvious reasons.
-Futanari is permitted. If you don't know what this is, just Google it.
-Peeing is allowed (not my favourite, but I'll allow it) however scat is not, at least for now.
-Mind control is permitted.
-Feature absorption is permitted (for example, Azu being able to suck out other peoples muscle or intelligence, etc)
-The BodyMod app can only affect females.
-You may not kill Azu, but you can add and kill off other characters as you please, as long as you're following the rules.
-Basically, this story is about Azu enhancing her body/mind in any way she sees fit, and the bodies/minds of others too, using the BodyMod app.
-Please keep a female dominance theme throughout the story.
-I personally prefer slow growth/change, so I'm going to be writing mostly this. You can write fast growth/change if you want, but if possible please also add the option for a slow growth alternative.
-Any chapter not within these guidelines will be either edited or deleted, so please bear them in mind so that you don't end up wasting your time with a chapter I'll end up deleting anyway.
-Other than that, feel free to add and message me with any questions or suggestions about the story!

Azu Queens: See above for main description. She's 19 years old, 5'6 in height, on the skinny side, with brown eyes and light brown hair. Usually seen in a t-shirt and jeans.

Miki Queens: Azu's younger sister. 10 years old, she's annoying and bratty to Azu, but sweet and innocent towards her kind-hearted parents so that she gets what she wants. She has light blonde hair that is usually tied in pigtails, usually wears a dress, and is 4'8 in height.

Sandy Queens: Azu's mother. She is 44 years old, 5'7 in height, and a little chubby. She's very kind and usually buys Azu and Miki what they want so that they're happy, but as a result is somewhat of a pushover, especially when it comes to Miki. She's out of the house a lot, busy working as an IT systems manager in a large company.

Dai Queens: Azu's father. He's 43 years old and 5'11 in height, with a fairly normal build and appearance. He wears glasses and has brown hair, and while he is kindly and caring like his wife, he is also the voice of reason in the family and is not afraid to discipline Miki from time to time when she goes overboard. He invented a new type of computer database in his 30s, earning him a large amount of money, so he is currently retired and spends his time at home or partaking in hobbies.

Anita Myers: 19 years old and 5'7 tall, she's Azu's best friend and they hang out a lot to play video games and go to conventions. She is very bubbly and acts spontaneously, and also dresses unusually in mismatching colours or garments. She's very pretty, however, with feminine features, long black hair and a nice body, causing Azu to secretly fantasize about her sometimes.

Luke Waterman: 19 years old and 5'3 tall. He is good friends with Azu and Anita, but has a very youthful appearance for his age and is somewhat feminine in appearance, with long-ish dark brown hair. He spends a lot of time crossdressing as a hobby, resulting in Azu and Anita fawning over him because of his ability to look good in female clothing despite being male. He attends conventions with them like this sometimes, not always entirely of his own will.

Dimitri Aleksandrov: 20 years old, and 6'1 in height. He used to live in Russia, but moved at age 14. Handsome and masculine in appearance, both Azu and Anita are very interested in him. He looks a lot more intimidating than he actually is, and spends his spare time reading books and being unwittingly followed by Azu and Anita.

That's all of the main characters, but feel free to add more as you see fit. I may also add more to this list from time to time. Have fun with the story!
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