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Teen finds an alien artifact that can swap traits, but can have dangerous side effects.

Teen finds an alien artifact that can swap traits, but can have dangerous side effects.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
James Barrett is an average high school senior who stumbles on an artifact that blurs the line between advanced technology and magic. Before this his life was average and uneventful. James has a cute but insecure long term girlfriend, Lauren, who loves him, and he lives with his parents and brother and sister. He spends much of his time with his best friend Eric who he has known since kindergarten.

Then one day his life was changed by an artifact he assumes fell from space and is some kind of alien technology. He quickly discovers that it has the ability to change the people around him, even altering their minds.

The Ring:
Nicknamed TSAR, the artifact is a so-called Trait Swapping Alchemical Ring. The original name of it is unknown, but this is the name it calls itself in English when identifying itself to humans. The ring itself can change shape to fit on any finger, or even grow large enough to be worn like a bracelet or necklace. It looks like a very plain and unassuming accessory, made of a dark silver metal, but is polished smooth with no rough edges.

The Powers:
         - Swap physical traits between people
                   - Body parts, fitness, height, voice, or any other physical attributes you can imagine.
                   - Can choose to make the people swapped or the people around them unaware of change.
         - Swap clothing, wardrobes, or ownership of things in general.
                   - Can choose to adjust all affected clothing to resize to the new owner's body.
         - Swap mental traits between people or transfer from one to another.
                   - Individual memories, skills, knowledge, preferences, personality traits.
                   - Can transfer mental traits one way, where the sender loses trait and gets nothing in return.
         - CAN NOT alter reality. Can only change an individual's awareness of what is normal.
                   - Altering awareness on a mass scale is extremely difficult if not impossible for James to learn.

The User of the Ring Is:
         - Aware of physical and clothing changes he makes to himself or anyone else.
         - Some physical changes require some mental traits be swapped with them, like knowledge or habits required to maintain the new parts.
                   - The user of the ring may not notice these new mental traits if they subtle enough.
         - Unaware of memory swaps with his own memory, because he loses the memory of it in the swap.
         - Unaware of personality changes or preference changes made to himself, it changes how he thinks.

Major Characters:
James Barrett, 18 years old. 5'9", Shaggy light brown hair. The first person to find the TSAR. An average teen who is neither popular nor unpopular. He has a few close friends, mainly his cute and loyal girlfriend Lauren, and his best friend Eric. He has a wild imagination and likes fantasy and Sci-Fi. Can be impulsive and doesn't think before he leaps.

Eric Pierson, 18. 5'11", Hair shaved very short. James's best friend. An open and sociable person who makes friends easily. He cares about his friends more than himself. He distrusts anything to do with magic or aliens or the supernatural. He finds that he has an unexplainable immunity to all powers of the ring. Eric has a girlfriend, Kim, who he doesn't spend enough time with.

Lauren Tam, 18. 5'3", Long jet black hair, usually worn straight down. James's girlfriend and high school sweetheart. A short Korean American girl who is very close and devoted to James. She is a quiet and creative person, enjoying making art and playing music. She has low self-confidence and gets lonely easily, but is happier when around James.

Kim Weiss, 18. 5'8", Light blonde hair usually in a ponytail. Eric's outgoing and athletic girlfriend, who is one of the top volleyball players in the school. She has such a busy after school schedule that she hardly has time to see Eric anymore. She is quite a popular girl at school.

Audrey Barrett, 13. 5', James's sister. Long auburn hair. She is very energetic and loves to be the center of attention. She's fearless, self-centered, bratty, and spoiled. For a 7th grader she's very stylish and popular at school.

Jordan Barrett, 20. 6'1", James's brother. Short and trimmed brown hair. A college student who works part time and is rarely home. Parents praise him for being so successful at his age, comparing him to James. He has no girlfriend, but could get one if he actually tried.

Heather Barrett, 40. 5'6", James's mother. Long naturally red and stylish hair. Works as a middle school teacher at Audrey's school. Looks young for her age, and takes great care of her appearance, even dressing in the latest trends. Very active and social, often going out with friends.

Nick Barrett, 42. 6'2", James's father. Neat and short brown hair. Family oriented father who works a boring desk job to support his family. Spoils his daughter Audrey, and always compares James to Jordan's success getting into college.

Sara Pierson, 45. Eric's mother. 5'4", Shoulder length dark brown hair. A strict mother who never gives Eric a break. Works as a nurse.

Eddie Pierson, 49. Eric's father. 5'10", Short length brown hair. Not as strict as Eric's mother, but usually enforces her rules. He isn't very close with his son. Works in manufacturing.

Mrs. Adrianna (Areum in Korean) Tam, Lauren's mother 5'2, 43 y.o. she has dark brown eyes and black hair, she liked to go to the salon weekly to add waves to her mostly straight hair. She is a housewife and mother who wants to dote on her daughter, but she tries to restrain herself from over doing it. She and her husband talk in Koreran when alone, but mostly in English around her daughter

Mr. Charlie (Chiwon in Korean) Tam, Lauren's father 5'5, 46 y.o. He has brown eyes and short straight hair. He is an engineer who deeply loves his wife and family. He would rather spend the night at home with his wife watching TV than going out with the men at work or other couples. He considers himself to be the head of his household and likes to be in charge, but Mrs. Tam can influence him if it's important.

Story Rules:
No excessively explicit descriptions of sex or violence.
No chapters less than a few sentences.
No 'option chapters' unless they have story content in them.
No ending the story unless you have a good reason to.
You can add new powers to the ring as long as it doesn't contradict the rules already stated.
The ring may get stolen or be lost or given away. Whoever has the ring has the power.
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