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Adventures with a reality altering remote. Point rewards! 1,500 to 7,500. Check details.
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Chapter 3

A man who's just lost it all.

    by: Terranvoid   More by this author
Johnathon Lee is driving his hybrid car through town, heading to the hotel-room he's staying at for the next few days, his week there almost expired and with no money to stay any longer. He's in shock, his life as he knew it is absolutely over.

John arrives at the hotel, checking in with the front desk, looking at Misty, the receptionist in her hotel uniform and once again envying the relative simplicity and stability of her life compared to his in the last few months. An attractive brunette, easy on the eyes. It's tempting to ask her out, but he just doesn't feel like he has anything to offer at the moment.

“And you have this package” She says, breaking his self-pitying thoughts as she sets the remotes box on the counter, rather clearly addressed to him. “What, a remote?” he asks, picking it up. He shrugs, feeling a bit to drained to question the unexpected package, putting it under his arm with a, “Thank you, Misty” as he goes to elevator and to his room.

John opens the box and starts reading the manual, mostly as a distraction, although he finds himself become intrigued by the absurd book. “What the hell? This has to be some kind of prank.” He mutters to himself as he reads through the absurd booklet.

Before long, John finds himself back in the lobby of the hotel room moving to one of the seats out front. Misty is still at the front counter, talking with a customer. Feeling a little dazed, John points the remote at himself and Misty, clicking the swap button both times and in a sudden shift in his pants, making him gasp. “I-impossible.” He says, quickly sliding his hand down the front of his pants, finding them a little too empty.

He looks at Misty, who doesn't look at all distraught as she continues dealing with the customer. Thinking he wasn't noticed, John gets up and walks quickly back to his room.

The door closed behind him, John quickly pulls his pants and underwear down, stunned silent at the sight of the shaved and cute pussy between his legs. “I... no.” He says, his hand moving to feel it. His fingers dance across his pussy lips, making him gasp, “Oh, wow. The remote is real.”
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