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Adventures with a reality altering remote. Point rewards! 1,500 to 7,500. Check details.
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Chapter #17

Amethyst makes more changes to an employee.

    by: pillas
Amethyst surveys her surroundings, the Zoo was filled to the brim with patrons and tourists. The employees were out in droves giving tours and selling merchandise. It was a busy day for the Zoo and there were many potential test subjects for their remote. Amethyst shuddered as the cool breeze tickled her overgrown exposed labia as Dani shuddered and blinked her pretty eyes. Amethyst was lost in thought when she suddenly felt a hand groping her pussy much to her surprise and pleasure. She looked down and saw a short and pretty brunette dressed in a Zoo uniform gently cooing and petting her exposed sentient pussy, Dani's eyes rolled back as she gurgled oddly.

"Oh my she's so pretty, what a beautiful Vagina you have, you must be so proud of her!" The Zoo attendant gushed while continuing to pet her pussy, tickling the spot just beneath her clitoral hood. Amethyst and Dani began to moan with pleasure.

"Oh just listen to her purr...whats her name?" The Zoo lady asked, Amethyst just sucked in her breath and gasped out "Dani" while trying to keep her knee's steady as "Dani" began to stretch her labia around the woman's fingers and drag it into her "mouth".

"Dani? What a great name...oh she loves the attention doesn't she, she's so eager" The Zoo lady gasped as nearly all four of her fingers were swallowed up by Dani's drooling mouth, the Zoo lady just let her hand be devoured while using her thumb to gently rub the erect clitoral nub just below Dani's eyes. Amethyst was soon brought to the edge as she was unceremoniously fisted by a Zoo employee in public without anyone batting an eye. The "Allowed to be pet" command having interesting results already. When Amethyst glanced down and saw the Zoo attendant taking a selfie with her hand still deep into her moaning cunt Amethyst finally reached climax. Dani gushed out and sprayed her juices all over the Zoo lady's face as soon as the camera flashed.

"Oh wow she's a juicy one!" The Zoo lady laughed while she wiped her hand off her cargo shorts and used her shirt to wipe her face. Amethyst was just regaining her breath while Dani just went directly to sleep after such an intense orgasm.

"Thank you so much for letting me pet your pretty pussy mam...I'm sorry I didn't catch your name miss..." The Zoo lady asked as she held out her hand.

"Amethyst...Miss..?" She asked.

"Oh, well nice to meet you! I'm Barbara! If you'd like I could get you a front row seat to my latest presentation" Barbara said as she offered her hand, Amethyst just nodded her head and while still recovering allowed Barbara to guide her over to a stage that was set up to announce the Zoo's latest acquisition. Barbara led her to the front row and ran off to the podium.

"Today we'd like to announce the newest addition to our exhibits, one of the more rarer animals in the world and currently the world record holder for being one of the biggest ever recorded. Please Welcome BINDI! the thirty foot long Amazonian Anaconda!" and with a flourish a tarp was ripped off the window to the exhibit which showed a truly massive and impressive snake, with black and brown diamond pattern coiled around a tree. The head was about as big as a humans head and was very intimidating as it slithered around it's large enclosure.

Amethyst smiled as she had a wonderful thought, using the remote and scanning Bindi and Barbara while ticking off a few other settings she thought up a clear picture in her head and pressed the enter button. When the remote stopped it's beeping Amethyst looked up to see her new creation.

"Good morning folks! welcome to the reptile exhibit! My name is Barbara and you can see here my eager assistant is Bindi!" Barbara explained. for a moment it seemed like nothing had even changed Barbara was still at the podium and but the biggest change was that the glass to front of the Anaconda enclosure was missing and open to the air.

"The Zoo higher ups have finally decided that today we would start a hands on experience with the reptile exhibits and me and Bindi are here to offer that to you! So please feel free to ask me any of your reptile and snake related questions and give Bindi lots and lots of attention" Barbara announced as she nodded her head in the giant snakes direction which then turned toward the audience and slithered from the enclosure. Barbara herself finally stepped out from the podium and Amethyst finally saw the fruits of her creation. Barbara remained mostly unchanged besides the fact that she had the end of the anacondas thick tail fused to her crotch, with a truly massive pair of medicine ball sized diamond scaled testicles being cradled in a makeshift wheelbarrow that seemed to be attached to a portable heater that warmed her balls.

Bindi had slithered out to the crowd and was being petted by multiple pairs of hands while it rubbed itself against many people. Barbara was trying to give a lecture on the mating habits of snakes as she started to breath heavily and the her balls began to throb, large veins began to bulge out and throb along the snake's scaled surface and traveled like a wildfire till it reached Bindi's large head. The people in the audience paid no attention the effect their "petting" and rubbing was having on the pair as Bindi's massive head swerved in Amethyst's direction. Amethyst not accustomed to this new reality was noticeably nervous as the large gaping maw of the snake was staring directly in her face. The Veins on it's hide pulsed and she could vaguely hear Barbara interrupt her own lecture as she stared down the snake as it dislocated it's jaws and ejaculated a truly massive load of cum onto Amethyst and Dani.

Amethyst just sat in shock as she was coated from head to foot in a ton of sticky warm snake jism and Barbara apologized bashfully for letting Bindi get to excited, and offered her a complimentary change of clothes and use of the employee showers to get cleaned up. Amethyst was just glad that she kept the remote in her purse and free from being cummed on. The Snake just coiled around Barbara and curled up to take a nap after it's orgasm much like Dani had done before.

Three other attendants who were assigned to assist Barbara and Bindi walked up to Amethyst with a towel and guided her to the employee lounge. As she cleaned her arms and hands Amethyst quickly used the remote to scan multiple Zoo animal exhibits and store them in it's memory.
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