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Adventures with a reality altering remote. Point rewards! 1,500 to 7,500. Check details.
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Chapter 3

Or a college student.

    by: Shogun Jex   More by this author
It's the beginning of the school year again, your senior year was just around the corner. Your name is Kendrick Brandt, 22, and you are moving into your senior dorm. Thankfully, with the help of your adviser, you were able to get one of the few single person dorms left, as you enjoy living by yourself then have the distractions of another student partying or staying up until three in the morning gaming. Besides, this is your senior year, and your hardest by far and you have to make sure you pass all your classes if you ever want a chance at getting your business degree and start that business with your best friend Nathan.

You enter your new dorm, after it had been freshly cleaned, the furniture all nice and neat, better than any of the other rooms on your halls. You set your stuff down in random boxes, starting to unpack things until you see a peculiar box, unlabeled and quite small, about the size of your graphing calculator. Curious, you open it up, seeing a strange device in it, containing a touch screen and a few buttons for power and what you would assume was volume? You take the device out and boot it up, coming alive in your hands, The screen soon lit up, reading "The Changing Remote! Your new life begins now!"

What the hell is this? you ponder as you wait for the menu screen to appear so that you can figure out what this thing does. As it boots up, you notice several buttons, saying things like "Morph" and "Merge," even a toggled button for turning reality shifting on and off. As far as you can tell, it appears to be a remote for you to change the world around you, or at least that is what the device claims. Being the curious person you were, you decided to try it out, and seeing as no one else was around, you decided to test it out on yourself. You smile, putting the reality shifting toggle on, you point the remote to yourself and press "Randomize!"

At first, you see a bright beam of light shoot out from it and hit you in the stomach, making you feel a little tingly and then.....nothing. You smirk a little bit and toss the remote on your bed chuckling to yourself. "Interesting gag gift, I wonder who gave it to me..." You mutter to yourself, assuming the device was a dud. However, after a few minutes, something starts to feel a bit off around your stomach.area. You look down, feeling a bit full as you your abs start to heat up quite a bit. You watch in pure fascination as your belly starts to push out against the fabric, becoming more and more sensitive as time passed, making you worry what random thing was happening to your body. You then start to stumble back as 4 points of pressure start to extend out of the growing flesh that was on your stomach, the points extending out out into small rods, staying rather stiff as they grew out and stopping at around 6 inches. You recognize them, after spending a few summers at your uncle's farm, but you can't believe what you are seeing, Soon, the flesh would start to feel a bit heavy, a liquid starting to feel and swell it out even more, your clothes shifting a little in order to make room for it and soon, hanging off of your stomach, was a large and full cow's udder.

You watch in strange fascination as droplets of white milk appear on your new teats, sudden feeling very achy, like you had to be milked. You roll your eyes and tried to reach for the remote, only to feel the milk bag sway and throw you off balance, making it hard to walk straight. You look behind you to see your door starting to open, making you go into a panic! You try to call out to stop whoever it was from coming in, but it does not work as you see...
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