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Adventures with a reality altering remote. Point rewards! 1,500 to 7,500. Check details.
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Chapter #16

Allison arrives at the beach.

    by: Terranvoid
Allison parks her truck and grabs a bag and a cloth folding chair with some gear for the beach. She goes right for the changing room, wanting to get into her swimsuit right away. She loves the way it looks and feels wrapped around her cock, which swells erect under the slick material, the flared of her shaft snuggling into her breasts. In fact, that looked even more appealing to her. “Might as well keep this look,” she says to herself with a wicked grin, using the remote to make her shaft stay erect all the time. With another click, she grows her breasts, swelling them from her decent C-cups to very eye-catching F's. She arches her back as she checks out her new figure in the mirror and nods, “I am turning pretty sexy.”

Stepping out and looking around, Allison notes a flier for a swimsuit competition later today. It's past time to register, but if she wants to enter instead of watch the remote could take care of that for her. Allison walks out towards the sea itself, noting that there's plenty of people around today. She pulls a towel out of her bag and lays it out on the sand. Planning on sitting back and pulls the chair out of it's holder. She copies the suntan lotion from a nearby girl, saving the time it would take to lather herself up.

With that, Allison starts a simple, and quick, set of transformations to the beach-goers. First, she creates some templates to use, the baseline being a voluptuous and attractive female body. For the men, a shemale template, the women a four-breasted template, and for a small number of either gender, a hermaphroditic template. All her new “females” have four breasts of varying sizes, the smallest DD-cups and the largest most commonly reaching very impressive L's, although bigger can happen. Along with this, she erases the tops of some of the two piece swimsuits as well.

The beach is teeming with people and it's not long before she's transformed over fifty of them. After that, she notices people she's pretty sure she hadn't transformed were already changed to match her template. Somewhere along the way, she winds up with an extra pair of F-cup breasts that she hadn't put on herself as the spreading effects of her templates being changing the world. Curious, her attention turns to the parking lot, hoping to see some new arrivals, curious if any are already altered by the apparent cascading effects of her template. Luckily, a car is pulling up. Four people get out of it. One guy, one girl, a four-breasted girl and one that's either a shemale or a herm. Allison's eyes sparkle, casually giving the two regular people from the car her template forms, before she looks back to the beach itself.

With that, she decides to do a few more detailed changes. The basic forms are tantalizing to her, but she wants to see more than just that. A nearby sunbather in a pretty small red bikini looks tempting. She had long blond hair and Allison had already changed her, making sure she was gorgeous. She had four F-cup breasts, uncovered by a top. She has perfect eye-catching make-up and, on a whim, Allison copies the look onto herself. She'll look perfect without having to fuss with any from now on.

As she starts changing the woman, Allison turns her into shemale, but immediately starts growing her cock. It quickly peaks out from the hem of her bikini bottom, slithering ever longer, until it snakes down between her legs and pushes across the towel the girl is laying on. It lengthens past her knees, then over her ankle before snaking back up the towel, finally stopping at a ridiculous and flaccid 3 foot long, three inch thick flaccid cock. Four feet long hard, Allison stifles a giggle and decide to take this even further. With a quick set of copies, the woman now has five of the absurdly long cocks crowding from her groin. Pursing her lips at the thought of managing all those cocks, Allison uses the remote to make the painlessly and harmlessly able to bend quite a bit when erect.

Someone calls out to the heavily becocked woman, teasing her about working on her tan and she sits up, giving her friends a smile and a wave. Allison spies a brurnette four-breasted woman, sporting relatively small DD-cups, hanging out with some others, including one guy she hadn't transformed. A quick click fixes that before she turns her attention on the teasing girl. They might just be friends right now, but Allison decides to make them perfect sexual partners.

Well, first thing is those four breasts. Allison presses the grow button and holds it, watching as the girls breasts billow larger and larger, until her four breasts are so large, they're almost all you can see of her from the front, extending over two feet from her chest the bottom curve of the lower pair hiding her hips and some of her thigh from view. Allison giggles at the sight of the girl, shifting as arousal nibbles at her, making her more aware of the sensation of her swimsuit pressing against her erect cock. Then she frowns, seeing the seriously over-endowed girl struggling to move herself for a moment. With a quick use of the copy button Allison gives her the ability to move as easily and painlessly as one of the many lesser endowed people at the beach.

It's a few moments before Allison can stop staring at those absurd, but delicious looking tits. “A little more to go girl. Then you'll be perfect for your friend,” the horse-cocked shemale whispers to herself. The remote clicks over and over, the girls nipples no longer tenting her bikini... trikini(?) tops as much and looking oddly shaped. Underneath the cloth she sports pussies in the place of her nipples, plunging into the depths of her breasts, able to take in several feet of her friends cocks. For a moment Allison toys with the idea of trying to make those pussy-nipples larger on the inside than the out, but shakes her head, finishing up by copying one of the girls massive, pussy laden breasts over her pussy. The girls bikini bottom transforms to help cover that one as well and the site is even more absurd, making Allison giggle again.

Pursing her lips for a moment, Allison considers exactly how to go about the final changes to the two girls. Well, obviously the girl with the cocks needs a more potent sex drive. Allison licks her lips as she hits the grow button again, smiling as there's no obvious effects. She lets go of the button when she feels that the five-cocked girl will be wanting to fuck at least several times a day. In fact, the girls purse is sitting next to her and Allison sees a suspicious bottle. It's pretty large. Allison saves it to the remotes memory to check what it is. “Ohhh, just like I thought.” The bottle, very large, is lube lotion. It must take a lot for her. With a click, the five breasted girls vaginas take on the same properties. The thought of lubing up her own shaft flits through her mind, making her squirm as her own arousal becomes harder to ignore.

Still, there's a little left to do. She tries the merge button on the two girls, hoping it works out the way she's imagining. She can't tell, but hopefully the breast girls lust now mirrors the cock-girls. Meaning that they'll both always want to get busy at the same time. Finally, Allison uses the saved animals, a stallion and a mare, and copies the social norm of horses fucking in front of people to the girls, making it so they can fuck pretty much anywhere.

With that final change, she moans as she feels a warm liquid sensation wetting her breasts, her cock drooling pre, the smell of hose sex wafting to her nostrils. “Ohhh, that's too hot,” she moans to herself, thinking about how to take care of her needy cock.

You have the following choices:

1. Sneak off to the changing room.

2. Use the remote to help.

3. Involve someone else.

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