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You're a teenager, but your mom thinks you need to go to daycare again. Have fun.

You're a teenager, but your mom thinks you need to go to daycare again. Have fun.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Okay, so you are a teenager, living in a small town. Today though your mom thinks you should be attending Daycare. You don't know why, you're old enough to look after yourself when she's gone. But your mother is stubborn when she makes a decision she thinks is best for you and there is no changing that. When you get to this new daycare called A.R. Daycare, you will find out why it is called that. (Hint hint, age regression story.)

So there will be no death in this story. No child abuse. Only vore allowed is unbirth. I want to keep the mention of diaper usage to a minimal. Don't make chapters that go into heavy detail about the main character (you) using the diaper. Oldest age for the main character once regressed will be 5 years old. Youngest will be to 8 months of the "mother" being pregnant with them. So no absorption/digestion chapters. There can be chapters that take place outside the daycare. Breastfeeding and grownups interacting lovingly with the main character is highly encouraged. Do not turn the mother or caretakers of the Daycare into control freaks that makes the main character do their bidding. Keep these chapters loving and caring chapters. I will allow lesbian women couples, but no gay men couples in this story. Gender swapping is allowed, but don't make it where the main character switches back and forth repeatedly. One more thing, do not make mental regression chapters. This will only be physical regression.

As an update and please read this: There will be no underage characters unbirthing other underage characters or by some miracle, putting adults in their womb, then becoming pregnant for nine months or whatnot with the characters. I want this to be clear to everyone, cause I had many chapters where this was under my radar, as I had my focus on other interactives. But I have finally decided to place this update here. I won't be naming names of who made those chapters before, they know who they are. So please, no more underage characters unbirthing others characters in the chapters. If I see it again, I will delete it and email you a warning the first time round, but if I see you attempt it again after that, you will be banned from adding to the story. No underage pregnancies in this story. Only caretakers of 20 and older can be pregnant in this story.

Any chapter that goes against the rules stated above will be deleted. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on my on site email. Have fun adding to the story. Help me to get at least 45 chapters up and continue after that... Please.
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