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In honor of the deleted Potty Training Tales, I've decided to, in essence, recreate it
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Chapter 4


    by: Abracadabra.   More by this author
Your name was Monica and you'd always considered yourself a dancer, you were three years old.

One day, your parents sat you down for a talk.
"Am I in trouble?" you asked.

"No, it's nothing like that," said your father, "It's just that we've heard of ballet classes coming out!"

"Hooray!" you shouted, doing a little dance.

"But," said your mother, "They're not coming out until next year and you need to be potty-trained to join."

You had mixed feelings. You really, really wanted to be a ballerina but a year was a long time to wait and besides, you liked wearing your diapers; they were familiar.

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