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the further, fatter adventures of the fastest growing school in America

the further, fatter adventures of the fastest growing school in America

This is an interactive story containing 353 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

This is a story about various characters of various ages gaining weight. Though we strive to make the storytelling experience as diverse and enriching as possible, the main goal behind most every story line is to satisfy a fetish based around weight gain. If the thought of women of varying ages getting fat offends you, personally morally or otherwise, then I'd suggest turning back now.

Moving on with that same spirit in mind, this is a story about female weight gain. No boys allowed! Male characters are allowed to appear off-campus, but they are not permitted to be the main focus of any story line. The minimum age requirement is 15 years old. While this interactive is designed to be less restrictive creatively than its predecessor, the basic spirit remains the same. No exponential weight gains in the blink of an eye, no magic potions that make characters fat, so on. There will be odder, stranger, topics explored in this setting, but we're going for quality storytelling here!

With that in mind, I implore you to add. Please, add! This is an entirely community-driven interactive, capitalizing on years of storytelling throughout my portfolio from lots of authors just like you! As long as you follow the rules and do your best, I'll be happy to host your chapters.

Now then, I hope you enjoy your return to Buttercombe Academy. You might find it a bit different from when you last left it...



For those of you unaware, this interactive serves as a direct sequel to Buttercombe Academy, one of the largest and most popular interactive stories on this website. That being said, it also involves plot threads and story lines that have premiered in other interactives from my portfolio as well. Listed below is a small bibliography of involved works that this interactive is layered atop.
Reading them is not essential, but it might enrich your Buttercombe Academy experience!

Buttercombe Academy for Growing Girls  [E]
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Super-Sized: the Mel Carlyle Story  [E]
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Daven's Port  [E]
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Packing on Pounds: the Piper Black Story  [E]
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Young & Hungry: the Zack and Alice Story  [E]
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This interactive takes place 15 years after the beginning of the original interactive. And in that time a lot of things have changed!
The staff has seen a lot of shifting around, there have been many new classes of students to wander the halls, and a partnership with the enigmatic mega corporation, Yeng, has finally put an end to budgeting issues.
Things have changed for Buttercombe Academy alright, but folks always seem to come out bigger than when they came in!



Since its debut in the States, the Yeng Corporation has grown immensely. In just 15 years it has become a name synonymous with progress, ingenuity, and innovation. They produce any number of products designed for the comfort and efficiency of their busy clientele. They provide appliances, electronics, and even their new pharmaceuticals to the school in exchange for detailed and important data on how the lives of the faculty, staff and student body are enriched.

However, not all is as it seems with the seemingly benevolent megacorp. Since their involvement in the school some time ago, the average size of the student body has increased exponentially. The pandering devices and coddling technologies they pad Buttercombe Academy with are enough, but those who find themselves directly under their microscope may have a hard time fitting into their uniforms than anyone else...

Whether or not you choose to peel back the layers of the Yeng Corp. conspiracy are entirely up to you. However, some characters will be rooted firmly in this story line.



One of the many improvements that the Yeng Corporation has been working on since the inception of their partnership with Buttercombe Academy is some greatly needed changes to the SSS program. Previously known as the Special Services for Students program, the name has now been changed to Special Services for Stipendiaries program, to better reflect an emphasis on helping everyone. That means Teachers & Faculty are now eligible for SSS!

If you have any questions about the program or are curious as to whether or not your character becomes eligible for one of the leveled tiers and any accommodations that might bring, please consult this helpful guide!

 the SSS Brochure  [E]
a world-building guide for those with questions regarding SSS!
by Bobo the Hobo



A carryover from the previous interactive that will be implemented as the story grows is the aspect of "What If?"

When you see the phrase What If? before a chapter option, that's your cue to stray off of the beaten path. Sometimes these choices involve something character based like weight, sexual orientation, or off-the-wall interactions, and sometimes they're story-based like, what if the least expected thing were to happen.

You're of course free to create your own What If? scenarios! However, I'd recommend going lightly! Too much of a good thing turns into a really lame storytelling device!


If you find yourself itching to add to a story line, but don't have any clue as to where to begin, let me know! I'm happy to facilitate additions to this story. In that same spirit, if you require an edit to something you've posted, or perhaps want me to alter a chapter choice option so that it better fits the story line that you want to create, send me an e-mail! It takes me like, five seconds to do it and I'm happy to do so as long as it helps keep the story going!

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