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What happens when a Fortune Teller curses you? An interactive story perfect for foot fans!
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Chapter 2

Facing Destiny?

    by: Vincanity   More by this author
After bumping into the strange girl, you look at her and instantly recognise her... But you don't know her name. She is from your school, but to be honest you never wanted anything to do with the freak. She now is staring directly back at you.

"Hey, I know you.... You're from my school... Ummm.... Daisy?" you say, looking at the gothic girl dressed in black.

"It's Destiny, Ethan... And what the hell have you done?" she says sternly.

"Excuse me? What have I done? What the hell are you talking about" you reply aggressively.

"You pissed off Goddess Sasha, and now we are both in her world... Her Abyss!" she says in fear, but with a slight undertone of excitement.

"Her world? What is wrong with you... Wait, you actually think she has powers?" you ask jokingly, unable to believe this crazy freak actually seems to think you're in a different world.

The girl explains... "Can't you feel it? This world is now...different! Yes, there are still people here...you're still at The Carnival, but she's changed it. Goddess Sasha has changed everything! Yes, she has powers... Ethan, this is not the carnival you came from before you entered her tent..."

You look around you, and to your horror she is right. What the hell happened? You start to wonder. "Well if that's the case, why are you here? How do you know this? Are you in on this shit too?" you say, half-scared half-pissed off.

"I may be the only person here that knows what's going on. I have powers of my own, but they are no where near as strong as Goddess Sasha. She is hundreds of years old and more powerful than you could possibly imagine. It seems she has brought me and others here to break you Ethan" Destiny says in a whisper, leaning forwards close to your ear.

"To break me? What do you mean?" you ask shakily.

"You disrespected her, didn't you? Ethan, Goddess Sasha is not one to disrespect, especially if your a male. She comes from medieval times, when males hunted witches and tried to kill them. She does not tolerate disrespect. I'm afraid your only way out of this may be to....well, I'll put it bluntly.... bow down at her feet and become her slave for eternity..." she says awkwardly.

"At her feet?" You remember her putting her feet up in front of you and you cringe. The idea of being at Goddess Sasha's - or anyone for that matter, even Jessica's feet - made you feel a little sick to the stomach. "Her slave for eternity? That is NOT going to happen Destiny!"

"You seem to have a problem with feet Ethan, if that is the case, I would watch out because she will definitely know this. Goddess Sasha has this power, this skill to absorb what's inside your mind and create a new world based on it. Your fears will be realised and used against you! She would love nothing more than to humble you and have you kneel and willingly worship the one thing you detest... The ultimate symbol of submission and defeat. Ethan, I may be your only hope through this. You need to trust me, or we will both be stuck in this world forever!" Destiny says with a certainly that chills you to the bone.

What do you do? Do you trust her and hope she can help you out of this? Or do you push her aside and deal with this yourself? After all, if she has powers too, how do you know she isn't trying to break you like Goddess Sasha apparently is?
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