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  1. A quick intro
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Someone is given the power to steal or swap traits from whoever they want to, again.
Chapter 1

A quick intro

If you want to follow our main protagonist Danny Bronson, press 1.

If you want to follow the life of metalhead Megan Bronson, press 2.

If you want to follow another character as the protagonist, press 3.

If you want to follow our other protagonist, Danny and Megan’s mum, Gabby (or one of her coworkers), press 4.

If you don’t really want to use one of the protagonists that I’ve put forward, it’s okay! You can use any of the background characters or even make your own- as long as they have SOME character.

If nothing I’ve said gets you excited there’s always the choice at the bottom do do something else so feel free to add WHATEVER you WANT TO.

Your host,
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   No 1: the new beginning

2.   No 2: another beginning

3.   No 3: a new protagonist

4.   No 4: starting over

5.   No 5: okay, let's start again

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