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A group of friends battle the supernatural and look good while doing it...
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Chapter #2

LITRPG at the Lab

    by: HikerAngel
Xei Li was the almost always the first one to arrive at the lab, and today was no exception. She was tall for a Chinese woman, at 5'6", and extremely thin. She brushed a few strands of shoulder-length ebony hair from her eyes to use the retina scanner. A green light came on with a beep, and the exterior door to the lab slid open.

She closed her eyes as the exterior door closed again, and a cloud of sterilizing agent formed around her. 120 seconds later, the interior door to the lab slid open, and she walked in.

In a perfectly square box of thick plexiglass, a glowing blue orb hung, suspended by... nothing... in the center of the lab.

Xei Li slowly walked around the floating object before passing her hand over the cube. No strings. She grabbed a ring clamp and swung it above and below the cube. No magnets. What was this thing? How was it remaining suspended?

She heard a noise behind her! Startled, she spun to see... Freddie walking in from the decontamination chamber.

Freddie's eyes were understandably glued to the bizarre object in the middle of the room, just as hers had been.

Walking up to it, he reached out his hand to touch the box.

"Are you sure that's a..." Xei Li started. Freddie touched the box, and the blue orb accelerated into his chest and disappeared, knocking him to the floor, unconscious.

"...good idea?" Xei Li finished, before rushing to Freddie's side.


"...the liability alone could..." said Ron, the manager of this lab team was on the phone as Freddie regained consciousness.

As Freddie's eyes fluttered open, Lindsay interrupted Ron's conversation, "He's awake!" The team gathered around their fallen comrade.

Freddie looked around, but as he looked at each member of his team, he saw a display of statistics and abilities appear when he focused on their faces, like the interface of an RPG video game. As his eyes flicked to a menu, a sub-menu of options would appear.

There were plus signs next to each attribute and ability, with a mana value beside each one. In the top corner of his vision, he could see that he currently had a mana value of 2. Scrolling through the menus, he couldn't find anything with a value that low!

Looking over to Xei Li, he opened her Physical Attributes sub-screen and finally saw something that he could try! Her A-cup breasts required 2 mana to increase. He willed the points there, and Xei Li gasped. She looked down.

Two beautiful B-cup breasts stretched her sweater further than it had ever been stretched before. Xei Li looked back up at Freddie in shock. He grinned, then his head fell back, and blacked out again.
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