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A group of friends battle the supernatural and look good while doing it...
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Chapter #26

Veronica goes all out

    by: HikerAngel
I’m not even sure what happened next. My mind was lost in a shimmering haze of sensuality. I ran my fingers over her silky skin. My shirt was off. My lips traced voluptuous curves. My pants were gone. Veronica’s crimson lips fondled my upper body. Her sexy, slender legs clenched me in a sinuous snare of satin steel.

I spasmed for the first time as my tip touched the delicious entrance to the sensual inferno within her. I felt her full lips smile against my cheek on their way to my ear. I heard a sultry whisper that electrified my body with its tantalizing purr.

“Don’t stop now, lover boy. Wouldn’t you just love to truly make me the woman of your dreams? Just imagine what I could truly become...”

I shuddered as I thought of it: Veronica transforming into the wicked enchantress of my deepest, darkest carnal desires. I couldn’t visualize it, couldn’t even comprehend it, but something primal within me lusted to turn her into consummate sexual perfection. It knew how, and it wanted this.

God help me. I gave in to it. Rippling tendrils of my desire coiled around her body, tasked with making the nubile girl even sexier than she already was. I felt a flare of heat from her skin as the shadows of my soul began to mold her into the final, living embodiment of my most visceral erotic dreams.

She let out a throaty moan, barely audible at first but gradually becoming louder and more urgent.

I watched as her breasts, perfect before, rounded into hypnotic hemispheres of irresistible feminine power. I sculpted the flawless complexion of her face from breathtaking to awe-inspiring.

Hedonistic euphoria wracked her, sending her body into a rivetingly provocative dance over the sheets. I watched her slim, willowy arms writhe in elegant grace, her sleek abs twist in suggestive clefts and striations.

My hands, underneath the muscles of her toned back, felt it round into polished perfection. As she squirmed in my grasp, however, my fingers slipped to the upper slopes of her spectacular ass. I felt my dick swelling to titanic proportions again as I pressed each digit into its supple splendor. Her strong legs gripped me with impossible strength, slithering and quivering like liquid steel as she angled her hips into my rigid shaft.

I sucked in a tremulous breath, her rapturous scent intoxicating me. My body responded in animal fashion, the sensory bath of her erotic perfection driving primordial instinct that I could no longer control. I plunged my hips into her as her sizzling body shaped itself into increasingly obscene levels of perfection.

I felt the searing heat of her insides surround me; I felt her torrid breath on my skin as she gasped. I drove myself into her, her panting moans punctuated by shrieks. She was incredibly tight, her inner walls clenching me with excruciating force, grinding against my cock as I thrust. Ecstasy and pain whirled into a mind-blowing vortex of dark elation.

Her wailing voice had a velvet, mesmeric quality now, gaining orders of seductive magnitude as powerful as her body. Every groan of pleasure from her succulent lips blasted thrills into my overtaxed heart, which was beating faster than I had ever imagined possible.

My hips thrust harder, slamming into her delectable core with all the force my body could muster, burying me to the hilt in her taut, blazing folds.

As my tip smashed into her womb, I exploded into her ravishing body with a euphoric scream of my own. Her head rocked back, midnight hair splayed in a whirling maelstrom around her, and she came with the earth-shattering force of a dark goddess coming into her full power.

I had nearly forgotten about Rachel until I heard her cry out with a climax of her own, perhaps from simply watching the two of us.

My attention swiftly turned back to Veronica quickly, however. It was impossible to remain distracted from the enthralling lines and smoldering touch of her divine form for long.

After a few moments, her quaking, crunching abs began to relax. My eyes found hers as they flashed in the blackness. She bit her lower lip with sharp, brilliantly white teeth as her eyes bore into mine with such intensity that it bordered on ferocity. She breathed out a sultry snarl.

I felt her move beneath me with liquid, feline grace. The slithering movement--and the impossibly perfect shape of her body brought me to raging hardness even in the immediate aftermath of two successive climaxes. She felt unbelievably strong, far stronger than me.

She moved like a predator, flipping me to my back and sliding over my body with the languid tension of sleekly powerful muscles. My heart fluttered with anticipation as the charged contact between her soft flesh and mine thrummed with electric sensation.

She undulated down my torso, the exhilarating curve of her breasts dragging down my chest and stomach as her spherical derriere rose into my line of sight. Her scarlet mouth kissed each brick of my abs as it was my turn to squirm under her touch.

Her eyes met mine as her mouth approached my cock, savage passion burning inside them. Our eyes remained locked as she slipped the fullness of her moistened lips over my shaft, enveloping it in steaming ecstasy.

She moaned as she took me into her mouth, her sultry voice vibrating my cock even as her long, nimble tongue savored it like a confection. I felt the rapidly building pressure of another climax coming under the onslaught of her overwhelming ministrations.

My vision dimmed as I realized I had stopped breathing, my entire body consumed with aching need for this girl as she coaxed arousal out of every cell within it. I sucked in a lungful of air as she dragged her bottom teeth along the underside of my dick.

She slipped her mouth off my shaft, just as I was about to explode, and I quivered silently in near-release. She held her sensual lips a millimeter from my tip, so close that I could feel their warmth but not their touch. I gasped out a raspy plea.


She smiled hungrily but didn’t move. As my need for release simmered, her hot tongue darted out for a quick swirl. Then it was gone, leaving me, impossibly, even closer to climax. I waited in exquisite torture at the razor’s edge of bursting. This time, her pink tongue licked me like an ice cream cone. I teetered at the brink.

“Please…” I whispered, unable to speak properly as a ball of trapped desire lodged itself in my throat.

Her blood-red lips curved into an enigmatic smile, cobalt eyes dangerous. As I whimpered in blissful agony, she ran her tongue slowly around her lips until they glistened in the darkness.

Without warning, she dove her moist lips down my entire length, I shrieked as her oral stimulation set every nerve ending on fire.

I screamed as my entire body tensed at once. My back arched, and my muscled arms clutched feminine perfection, pulling her toward me. I convulsed in carnal joy until I passed out.

Veronica was too much for me now. She was probably too much for anyone.

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1. Rachel's turn

2. Leah shows up

3. Veronica wants more? OMFG!

4. Walt wakes up and...

5. Something else happens...

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