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Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. ***Gift points for good chapters.***

Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. ***Gift points for good chapters.***

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
The seemingly normal city of [insert city name here] is forever changed when its citizens come across a unique device invented by local scientist Dr. Percy Edwards.

Yes, it’s a body swapping device. You know the sort. A small, handheld remote with all manner of buttons and dials. The remote can swap traits between two or more people, and alters reality as well. How did Dr. Edwards create such a device? Beats me. I’m no scientist.

The remote can swap the following:
All swaps can be complete or partial. For example, two people could swap entire bodies, or they could just swap an individual part like hair or legs. Body parts can be swapped, but not misplaced (i.e. no swapping hands with feet or giving someone extra parts).
The user also has the option of whether or not they want their victims to know what is being swapped.
There is no Reset function on the remote. A complicated mess will require a creative solution.

BEN - Benjamin Daniel Hansen - 18m, Caucasian, freshman college student, straight, short brown hair, thin build, Biology major, wants to be a science teacher, Eric’s roommate, nice guy for the most part, has no enemies, drives a hand-me-down 4-door sedan, stays in shape via treadmill/basketball/some weightlifting

SABRINA - Sabrina Green - 19f, Caucasian, freshman college student, straight, medium length blonde hair, average build, Biology major, wants to be a cancer researcher, Maggie’s roommate, has a crush on Ben, flirty and fun-loving but generally more responsible than her friends, assistant manager at a grocery store in the summertime, stays in shape via jogging/volleyball/yoga

ERIC - Eric Little - 19m, African-American, freshman college student, straight, dark brown fade, muscular but not wide, Ben’s roommate, in an unofficial relationship with Simone, die-hard PlayStation fan, stays in shape via mostly weightlifting and basketball

MAGGIE - Margaret Chan - 18f, Chinese-American, freshman college student, bi-curious, long straight black hair, petite build, Business major, Sabrina’s roommate, comes from a rich family, fluent in Mandarin and French, learned German but remembers very little, will answer to “Mags” for close friends, drives a vintage Volkswagen Beetle and a new Tesla Model S, stays in shape via aerobics/yoga

PERCY - Dr. Percy Edwards - 50m, Caucasian, scientist, short gray hair, tall, brilliant, creator of many incredible inventions including the remote

Other character descriptions can be found here:

*****GIFT POINTS*****
Don’t be afraid to add chapters. I would love for this story to get as big as possible! I’ll give out 250 gift points each for chapters that aren’t mine, provided they have proper grammar, follow the rules listed below, and follow the chosen story path. I reserve the right to edit or delete chapters that are illegible, too long, out of place, or just plain bad. If you have any questions, or if I forget to reward you, feel free to message me.

The remote does not have a reset button or any hidden features. Only what is listed above.
The remote only works on humans. No animal stuff.
Feel free to add characters, but check the character page linked above to make sure you aren’t adding anyone redundant.
No killing characters.
I’m pretty lenient on sex scenes, but don’t just throw it in. Make it organic.
I’m happy to edit a mistake or a misspelling here and there, but I WILL delete lazy writing. I’m not your grammar teacher.

Chapters ignoring these rules may be deleted without notice, but I am not above making exceptions if I really like your work.

And most importantly... HAVE FUN!
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