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  1. Welcome to the Hotel...
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Surprise, intrigue and transformations await in this mysterious new hotel establishment.
Chapter 1

Welcome to the Hotel...

Seemingly overnight, a previously unheard of hotel chain had become the most talked about venue to wine, dine and party in London. Bachelors, families, influencers and celebrities alike had flocked to see what spectacles the place could offer. Little did they know that the hotel was run by an obscure egomaniac with a penchant for chaos the likes the world has never seen. Now they're not just gambling for personal profit- they're gambling with their very lives.

Unfortunately for Damon Holden and his family, they were completely oblivious of this as they wheeled in their suitcases. Damon was your typical man's man, a chocolate skinned gym rat with a shaved head and infectious smile. He cradled two cases in the crooks of his arms as he waddled forwards, his biceps rippling as he went. His wife, Cindy, was trying hard not to show her blushes as she watched him from behind. She brushed a lock of blonde hair into her face to disguise the rosy complexion rising to her cheeks. Their daughters on the other hand seemed to pay no attention. Kenya and Keely, seventeen and thirteen respectively, were too glued to their devices to notice. Kenya straightened one of her edges with a long milky nail as she exchanged raunchy texts with her secret boyfriend. Her oversized silver hoops jangled as she laughed at a racy sext. Keely meanwhile was busy mashing the screen of her tablet, savagely gutting the enemies encountering her fearless samurai avatar.

The beeps and anguished cries eventually piqued Cindy's attention. "Honeybun, you know violent games like that aren't appropriate for a little girl of your age," Cindy reasoned as she took a knee beside her. Keely huffed, dropping the device crossly and marching away with her arms folded angrily. Cindy's shoulders slumped dejectedly. Damon made to follow after her but Cindy put a dainty hand on his shoulder. "I've got this, honey," she said as she gave him a quick peck and disappeared and started following Keely. "Off she goes," Kenya smiled from behind her screen.

Damon groaned quietly. Fits like this were common between Cindy and the girls. Following the tragic circumstances of their mother passing away he could empathise that they didn't want a replacement. But five years of sadness and grieving had passed. He'd found love and remarried to someone just as caring and as compassionate. The girls hadn't warmed up to the premise of Cindy but Damon had hope. "She's just trying to be good for you guys." Kenya scoffed as she pulled her suitcase up to the desk. Meanwhile Damon had dropped his own bags and had rung the bell for assistance. A cute looking young woman rushed over, stumbling slightly in her beige stilettos,   and parked herself into the chair.

"Bonjour," the woman said in an eloquent Parisian accent, "How can I be of assistance, monsieur et mademoiselle?" Damon looked away for a moment as her stunning blue eyes focused on his. "Erm, well..." He looked down at her nametag. "...'Butch'? Er, we'd like to book one..." Kenya shook her head. "...no, two rooms. But there needs to be a way me and my wife can-"

"Would it be acceptable if I offered you two rooms with en-suite facilities, one romantic king-size for you and your wife and another conjoining room with two queen-sizes for your beautiful daughters with access to one of our private pools, monsieur?" Damon's jaw dropped as the lady's hands danced along the keyboard. "How did you-. W-what the..."

"Ms Deverne told me in advance you were coming. We had all the accommodations prepared hours ago." Butch smiled as she handed them both their cards, Damon a gold one and Kenya silver. "These are you room keys, credit cards and passes to get through the hotel grounds. Keep them close but feel free to come back if you require new ones." Kenya smiled as she turned the card in her hands- oh yeah, she could do a LOT of damage with this. "Don't get too ahead of yourself, Mademoiselle Holden," Butch continued, "Your father's is a Master Key that can control and monitor any and ALL transactions you make, not to mention monitor where you wander off to." Kenya frowned; suddenly this card was a lot less fun.

An idea came to Damon's mind. "How much does this cost exactly?" Butch flashed a set of pearly whites as she said, "Monsieur Holden, I assure you that your stay is well within the parameters that your discretionary income allows. Ms Deverne herself has agreed to annul some of your expenses as long as you give our establishment a review magnifique."

"Well tell this Ms Deverne that I assure her this trip will be 'tres magnifique'!" They both laughed (much to Kenya's behest) as Butch put in the final details needed to enhance their living experience. Damon moved over to Kenya and draped his all-encompassing arms around her neck and shoulders gently. "Cheer up, my little continent. This is gonna be the best vacation ever, I promise." She squirmed playfully as he kissed her forehead. "Kenya's not a continent, dad," she laughed to which he shrugged.

"I wonder if Cindy's found Keely yet," he finally said.
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