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Bodies are Swapped, chaos is unleashed

Bodies are Swapped, chaos is unleashed

This is an interactive story containing 66 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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I have been on a body swapping high recently, it started a few months ago when I finished reading the book Where I End and You Begin. I the watched Status Change by Three Degrees of Center Productions as well as the Quarantine Leap series. I've been adding a lot to "New Body Switching Machine and when I was active a few months ago I did a whole brain swapping path for "The Guillotine. I had also recently finished reading Crosswinds, which had an interesting character in it that gave the main characters an interesting threat.

I have decided to make my own interactive story involving body swapping, mostly because I would like more control over it. To be able to go back and edit what I don't like and set the ages of the characters to be at least 18. There's some great stories out there but I'm not comfortable having a 16 year old swap into the body of a twenty year old and especially not a 10 year old.

When I write swap stories I want to try to be somewhat realistic, people will explore the bodies they find them selves in, I'm not fond of that when it's a family member and so it's dealing with being in the body of someone you might not want to see naked. I'm also all for chaos, if things can get out of hand or swaps are made to be permanent I'm fine with that. I also have no problems ending a story if it meets its narrative conclusion, such as dying or being trapped as an animal.

I am very much for male to female swaps and as a result female to male. I am fine with people losing their age by swapping with someone a generation or two older than them. I've actually had dreams where I've swapped bodies with my female cousin. Animal swaps are perfectly okay too, though without being taught they might not know how to be human. Have a man swap with someone who's pregnant.

These swaps can be done via magic, technology or super powers. Tiny remotes or giant machines are all fine, even a brain transplant. Curses too.

Issues and Structure
When I come onto Writing.com it becomes an obsession. It got so bad I've gone through two different profiles. There also doesn't seem to be as many people around as there used to be.

I have two other stories that no one has added to and I think that's because of how I did up the description, though I mostly write for myself anyway. My ideas can get away from me and I might write things I'm not usually into or go deep down a rabbit hole so I do want to reserve the right to delete or alter paths. This can be a put off for some of you.

I know not everyone is the best at writing or English is a native language but I also want to open this for all. I'm not the best at writing either. If I find an idea to be good but hard to understand I would like to fix it.

Another thing on this site I'd like to address is how some chapters people add go way off from the original suggestion or put you into a position where the path doesn't really allow to act or throws a curve ball that someone might not like. This is why 90% of the time I will put in the Something else option, the other 10% is when there's only two or three possible choices, like picking your gender. The Something else is there to allow someone to pick an option someone might've not thought of, or it could be used to change the previous chapter, going back to the choice that lead to that section.

My final issue I struggle with when it comes to interactives is going for a broad or narrow ideas. A narrow idea might be to set the story up in a University where someone has made a machine to allow for body swapping with set characters such as Jane Doe the 21 year old blonde cheerleader and Blake Jones the nerdy 20 year old. This gives a focus to the story but rules out so many potential threads. Going to broad might leave no direction but allow for endless possibilities.

For this interactive I am going to try for both approaches. The first options will be listed as Story # until a title can be developed, even if it's something simple as Swap Remote. Under each story the first path should be set up to be the premise and include a cast of characters. If don't like how the Swap Remote gets started, make a Swap Remote 2 with one of the other options.


Magic Mirror:

Brenda and James are best friends on their last year of high school, they enter a magic shop where they find this strange mirror, able to swap bodies:


Brenda: Age 18. (enter description and traits.)
James: Age 18.
Brenda's Mum: Age 39
Brenda's sister: Age 22
James's Dog: Age 2, German Shepard

Final Thoughts:

As this is the front page and I would like the story set out to offer the most ideas possible, I decided to turn this into an area to describe what I want out of this interactive instead.

I do hope people add to it, though I will continue writing, even if I only get 10 views. I will try to keep an eye on the story and edit when able.

I hope you enjoy reading and I hope you make additions.
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