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You find yourself shrunk while dropping off your 2 year old daughter at Good Hands DayCare

You find yourself shrunk while dropping off your 2 year old daughter at Good Hands DayCare

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In the near future, as artificial intelligence and robotics become more commonplace in everyday life - you find yourself shrunk while dropping off your two year old daughter at Good Hands DayCare - a fully automated care facility. While the primary function of the facility is the care of babies, the system is capable of caring for adults as well. However, due to weight limitations the facility possess powerful new technology that has the ability to shrink a person down to infant size for easier care. Ideally when used the adult is placed in a separate section so that they are not babified - though the technology does not always work as intended. There have been instances where a mother mistakingly fell into the intake chute and spent the day as a toddler with her child until her husband came to pick up his daughter and subsequently his wife, luckily she was able to be restored to her original size though she did develop a diaper fetish afterwards. Another time an older sister fell into the machine and came out the other end only a few inches tall - she was later found wrapped up inside of a used diaper in the dumpster outside after a missing persons report was filed (still alive and lucky the garbage truck had not come yet - while she was able to have her size restored - her mental health suffered greatly).

Your name is Jim - 25 years old
Your wife’s name is Cathy - 26 years old
Your daughter’s name is Zoey - 2 years old

Story should focus heavy on diapers, conveyers, robots / mechanical hands, forced bathing, dressing, diapering, feeding, and diaper disposal. Mechanical errors are encouraged.
Can be shrunk down to infant size all the way to 1 cm.
No sex, no death, no sex.
If shrunk down below an inch - Vore is allowed and encouraged and is survivable.
If shrunk below 6 inches (toy sizes) You can leave the facility with another child but eventually end up back there.
It shrunk to infant size you can leave the facility via mistaken identity but eventually end up back there. Unaware is encouraged.
The AI and machines do not care who you used to be, only that you are in their care now. If shrunk smaller than Toy Size you should be unaware to all other babies, adults, and machines as you try to survive your predicament.
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