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Your third go at adventuring in an animesque fantasy world after getting isekai'd.

Your third go at adventuring in an animesque fantasy world after getting isekai'd.

This is an interactive story containing 416 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Once upon a time you were minding your own business in life when Truck-Kun decided an animesque fantasy world called Illyrium that needed a new hero, and picked you to be that hero before mowing you down. Like a typical isekai protagonist you became an overpowered hero, slaying monsters and villains left and right as if it was no one else's business but your own. Which it was at that point. At some point you died in this world, some saying you either died of old age or you sacrificed yourself at the cost of oblivion to save the world from one last threat. But this would not be the end of your tale. Far from it. After two hundred and fifty years you came back to life and performed a complete 180 in demeanour. Memoryless of your past life in this world and your heroics in the world you were sent to, you became an overpowered villain for this go. Became an overlord, established an empire, made demons you once fought fear you as you were the remorseless taskmaster towards them, and killed a few gods to name a few things. But you were stopped by a ragtag of heroes who sacrificed themselves as you tried performing a ritual to become a god yourself to satisfy your lust for even more power. The result was a mild apocalypse where only the strongest civilizations survived. Some parts of the world are in the stone age where caveman humans and elves are duking it out for resources for their tribes.

Now after a time period of at least six hundred and fifty through one thousand years you have respawned with the memories of your past lives returning. The choice of what you do now is up to you. Will you become a great hero again to atone for your evil days' action, decide to give being an evil overlord a second shot, become a murderhobo with no real ideology, live as a hermit in a shack just fishing, or will you just screw that and just have sex with busty women and monstergirls all day every day? Or will you become a nun dedicated to a god or pantheon of Illyrium to atone as having the option of being a girl will be a thing for this story.

Update 4-02-21: now you can make your own characters getting isekai'd into the world of Illyrium or focus on natives to the world.

The rules:
1: Killing is okay but don't go full gore wankfest.
2: Things that aren't okay: diaper, urine and scat, furry/anthro, unbirth, vore outside of cock vore, and male on male sex.
3: Monstergirls are okay. There will be many options for the reader character to become a monstergirl/monsterboy if you wish it.
4: Genderbending, futa, and yuri? I guess just this once they're okay since there will be an option for the male reader character to end up in a Tanya the Evil type situation and to try to return to your original gender. Just this once. Those two things probably won't be everyone's cup of tea.
5: Like usual, the main character/reader character's name is Anon to stand for "Anonymous Reader" as typing "*Your Name*" over and over is dull.
6: Be really creative here. Like I said earlier, Illyrium is an animesque fantasy world with cavemen elves so go crazy.
7: No one sentence chapters.
8: New rules will be added if needed.
9: If there is something that violates the rules it gets deleted. Simple as.
Update: 3-11-21:10: Since I realized that I am going to need help with the worldbuilding I'm allowing others to throw their ideas under the spitballing chapters. Just run your ideas to me before throwing them down there so it doesn't run contrary to some already established ideas.
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