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A strange phenomenon is changing people into sexy brand mascots and rewriting reality.

A strange phenomenon is changing people into sexy brand mascots and rewriting reality.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Based on a series of stories I've written over the years on various accounts about people turning into sexy mascot-esque characters.
Other stories, for reference:

Every now and then, a person will transform into a Living Mascot, seemingly at random. Most of the time, the affected person will be A) someone who would not be missed if they were to be gone, B) someone with an unfortunate life wishing for something better, and/or C) someone who wants more than anything to see a specific brand succeed.

The affected will usually not be fully aware of their own transformation, mind typically changing to match the body. Their new mascot form will often be associated in some way with the brand they are connected to (a sports team mascot will be based on what the team is called, a cereal mascot will be a sexier version of their existing mascot, etc.) Mascots are always sexy and feminine, though not necessarily female.

This transformation also has a strange affect on reality around them. Reality will be partially rewritten to make it feel like the mascot had existed for as long as the brand had. However, certain people will be aware that things have changed and may even remember the original person the mascot had been, usually people very close to the affected or people aware of the phenomenon. The mascot will even have some memory of who they used to be, but trying to remember this brings them distress, as they always seem to prefer their new life.

Mascots are often cartoony and defy logic, able to do a number of strange things. This includes being able to temporarily or even permanently change certain people into assistants who are similar to themselves (such as a school mascot turning the cheer team into smaller copies of herself before a game, only to turn them back afterwards.) Also, mascots seem to have some sort of perception filter on them; no matter what they do, regardless of how strange or sexual it is, no one will take issue with the actions of a mascot. Even the most conservative of people will just accept it as the way things are and move on with their day.

A brand with a mascot will always be successful.

Growth, expansion, transformation of various kinds, sex, soft vore (non-lethal), and, most importantly, story.

Gore, violence, snuff, toilet or slob fetishes, foot fetish, underage sex.

Anything not listed is potentially allowed.

Put effort into your writing. This may be fetish stuff, but have some pride in your work, please. I may edit chapters for minor grammar and spelling changes if I feel the need to, as well as adding extra options to chapters with few of them (just because I can).

If there is a path you want expanded upon but don't feel like writing, you're free to ask me to try and fill it out. I make no promises.
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