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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2251508
Choose your fate as a citizen of the world of Terratus, for good or for ill.

Choose your fate as a citizen of the world of Terratus, for good or for ill.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Welcome to the fantasy world of Terratus. You are about to set out on an adventure as one of the denizens of this world. Your fate is in your hands. Will you discover vast riches, defeat a great evil, maybe even become a ruler of your own land? Or maybe something else entirely. It's all up to you. Before we continue, some basic info on Terratus and it's people.

Each story begins on the continent of Atore, a mass of land to the west of the map, split into two kingdoms, Romanica and Anthronia. The two nations have often been at war with each other on and off throughout history. Currently, the neighboring kingdoms have a somewhat uneasy truce. But pretty much everybody knows it's only a matter of time until the peace is broken yet again.

In regards to it's inhabitants, Atore's people can generally be divided into five races, some of them further divided into sub-races. They are as follows...

Humans: The most numerous and warmongering of the races, primarily inhabiting the kingdom of Romanica. As stated above, they are often at war with the Anthronians, various species of humanoid animals. The higher classes of humanity are also known to keep Anthronians as slaves.

Elves: Basically looking like humans except with more pointed ears and sharper faces, elves are a rather reclusive lot, prefering to stay within their treetop cities deep within forests. They are also quite territorial by nature, distrusting outsiders and will defend their land from invaders by any means necessary. Like Anthronians, elves have been known to go to war with humans from time to time, but not quite as often. The last human and elf war was over two centuries ago, and ever since, they are rarely seen outside their forest homes.

Dwarves : A short and stocky people, dwarves will typically spend almost their entire lives underground. Beneath the surface of Terratus lies countless roads and tunnels carved into the stone by the Three Kingdoms of dwarves. All these roads connect the city-states of each kingdom together, allowing for travel and trade. The three cities are Thornog, Ragnabal, and Valdraga, each with their own separate ruler and laws. War on the surface often provides excellent opportunity for the three cities, as dwarven weaponry and explosives are among the finest on Terratus, and are heavily prized. Thus, the kingdoms will sell them to both sides of a conflict, caring little for which emerges victorious, as surface affairs do not concern the dwarven kingdoms. If a dwarf is seen above ground, he or she is most likely a merchant or a criminal, banished from their home underground.

Anthronians: A race of humanoid animals, Anthronians come in all kinds of species, from felines to reptiles and beyond. Often at war with humans and kept as slaves by some, most don't trust anyone outside their race, though they have made alliances with elves and dwarves in the past.

Monsters: Any being not part of the above mentioned races is considered to be a monster, such as demons, dragons and undead. Most monsters are feared and hated as a threat to all other races, and are often hunted and slaughtered as such. One exception to this are dragons, who are regarded as intelligent and generally more civilized. Others such as lycanthropes are regarded as a threat due to their unpredictable and violent nature. Worst of all, anybody who has contracted vampirism or zombieism becomes an outcast, regardless of who they once were in life, and are either burned to ash or cast from civilization, no matter their race.


As far as magic goes, it is generally seen as dangerous and to some, evil. In human societies, for primarily religious and legal reasons, magic has been largely banned, and anyone found to be practicing it is severely punished. Unless, of course, one has proven to have the will and ability to control it, but these individuals are few and far between. In elven culture, magic is far more accepted, and most mages tend to be elves. Dwarves cannot wield magic at all, instead relying on their natural ingenuity and inventiveness. Anthronians are more accepting of magic, but like humans, there are far fewer magic users among them than their are amongst elven societies. Even among those that accept and wield magic, Necromancy and other such arts are considered evil and an abomination, and are outright banned in all cultures. Though, this of course does not stop a small number of mages from trying it.

How This Works

It's quite simple. First you will select your character's race, then gender. After that, you may select a pre-made character created by the author, or feel free to come up with your own, and have them begin their own adventures!


1. I will allow some sexual content here and there, just don't make it the main focus of the story.

2. If you're going to kill the main character, let the story get to a good length first.

3. Try not to be overly gory with any violence. This isn't Game of Thrones, some blood is okay, but nothing over the top.

4. If you're creating a custom character, please be sure to put that character's name as the title of the chapter where their story begins.

5. Also, please do not try to add more custom character slots. I've already included 25 for each gender of each race, which I think is more than plenty.

That's all for now. Have fun with the story!
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