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A look into the lives of the heroines of Townsville in their young adult years.
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Chapter 3

Powerpuff Truth Or Dare

    by: Lover Of All Giantesses   More by this author
“Okay, it’s time girls. Remember, we don’t hold back there. We go out there, and prepare to give everything we got.” Blossom said looking at her two sisters. “For the game, of Truth or Dare!”

That’s right, they weren’t out there saving Townsville. Late at night, they were in their room. The three teenage girls are all on their beds, and getting ready for a game of Truth or Dare.

The girls were teenagers now, and they were still saving Townsville. They have gotten pretty famous, and when they went to school, well everyone wanted to be their friend. They were superheroes after all!

Whether that was the confident Blossom, the cool Buttercup, or the cute Bubbles, all three of them were the popular girls.

And then high school came and it was really awkward for the girls. Bubbles was a bit too innocent, Blossom took charge a bit too much and Buttercup has already sent three boys to the hospital for Dodgeball!

So they quickly didn’t get friends. It didn’t matter, cause this trio was not able to separate. Right now, they were playing Truth or Dare. Just with those free. A game they have never played with.

“I just want you two to know, I’m winning.” She got told Pyjamas by her sisters, but she didn’t really have pajamas so she just grabbed her sports bra and her gym shorts.

“We will see about that,” Blossom said back to her. She had her red bra underneath a loose-fitting pink shirt. comfortable bottoms on with her bare feet at the end.

“This is going to be so much fun!” Bubbles said. She had a full blue pajama set on, with her buttons up top opened up a bit.

Despite all three of them being made of the same stuff, for some reason Bubbles had the biggest boobs. A problem, cause when an older guy hits on her, she really doesn’t know.

“I’m first!” Buttercup shouted. “Blossom truth or dare?”

Blossom looked at her. Taking a dare from Buttercup would be the worst choice she can make. So instead she went ahead and didn’t take anything too risky. “Truth.”

“Bo-Ring!” Buttercup shouted with a sigh. “Fine, you know that guy from our school. The one who sits behind you.”

“Yeah... what about h-”

“You have a total crush on him don’t you!” Buttercup just started, and she was already swinging for the fences!

“I-I don’t have a crush on him!” Blossom said. “I-it’s just that... well he always talks to me, and that’s rare at school. He always helps me out in class a-”

“You totally have a crush on him!” Buttercup laughed. “Come on, you gotta tell the truth!”

“Fine, just a little one,” Blossom said with a massive blush on her face.

“Aww, I think you would be a cute couple!” Bubbles said which got Blossom to bury her face in her hands.

“My turn!” Bubbles shouted happily. “Blossom, Truth or Dare!”

Blossom didn’t like how both of her sisters targeted her. She looked at the blonde sister before sighing. “Dare.”

What bad could Bubbles come up w-”

“I dare you to lick my foot!” Bubbles giggled. She went ahead and lifted her foot up. Lifting it up as she aimed it at her sister.

She was stunned, while Buttercup was laughing at the side.

“S-Shut up!” She said angrily.

“It’s just too funny.” Buttercup kept laughing. “I mean, you could always drop out and lose the game. It’s pretty simple.”

Blossom grumbled. She wasn’t going to drop out before she even gets a turn.

“Fine, I’ll lick your foot...” Blossom said under her breath.

Bubbles clapped her hands excited, a large smile on her face. She moved her way around and sat on the bed. Lifting both of her feet up right in front of Blossom’s face.

“You said foot, I’m only licking one,” Blossom said as Bubbles giggled.

“Okay, I pick the left one then!” She held it right in front of her face as Blossom had to get over the fear.

She looked at the foot, before getting any fear that she had out. She leaned her way forward and stuck out her tongue. Bubbles sole was right in front of her face.

Sure, Blossom could turn this down, but she had to lick the foot. She moved her way around, getting ready as she leaned forward. Leaning forward, she also stuck out her tongue.

And she licked her sister's foot. Bubbles felt the ticklish tongue over her body as she was trying to hide from the fact that she was loving it.

Blossom brought her tongue and started at the bottom of her heel, and licked all the way up to the toes. One continuous lick, until she got her tongue off.

“Bubbles, when was your last bath?” Blossom said pulling back. She leaned over to the edge of the bed and started to spit down there. Getting the taste of her sister out of her mouth.

“I took one this morning,”

“She has stinky shoes remember. Probably from that.” Buttercup said trying to keep a straight face, until she went ahead and started to laugh. She got louder and louder as she was obviously enjoying it. “You just licked Bubbles foot. What are you going to do, start kissing it?”

“Shut up. It’s my turn now!” Blossom said. This was where she gets her revenge. She looked at her two sisters, who Blossom was now wanting revenge against both of the girls. She looked at Buttercup, who was laughing at her, and tried to embarrass her by getting her crush involved. Or Bubbles, who was an innocent girl and made Blossom lick her foot.

Granted if she picked one, there was no guarantee they will pick Dare. They could pick Truth, which makes the giantess have to rethink about the plan.

Blossom looked her way around at both of the sisters, trying to decide what she was going to do, and who she would dare?
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