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The best excuse for bunking school!
Fill in the blank next to each word request then click the button below...
Time space (2 hours, 10 minutes):
Funny mode of transport (wheelbarrow, unicycle):
Name of a teacher you know:
Name of a street in your neighbourhood:
Distant relative (great uncle on my mother's s:
Crazy name for a pet:
Your name:
Hard, solid object:
Name of a book:
Planet name:
Famous male celebrity:
A very sticky substance:
Item of clothing:
Time space (a different one, preferably long eg. 1:
A year very long ago (1919 etc.):
Comic Book:
Soap Opera:
Another animal (plural):
Type "he" or "she" depending on yo:
Adjective describing a person's mood (tired, h:
Your surname:
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