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Bedtime Story
Momsie would read this.
Farmer Brown's boy's berries ~ There were more berries in that pail than he had ever seen.
He thrust his nose into the pail and gobbled up all
the berries. He threw up his head and the handle slid back.
Red Squirrel ~ Red Squirel chattered at Buster Bear.
"Buster Bear is big and strong;
His teeth are big his claws are long;
In spite of these he runs away
And hides himself the livelong day!"
Farmer Brown's Boy ~ Farmer Brown's Boy frightens Buster Bear.
"If you should meet with Buster Bear
While walking through the wood,
What would you do? Now tell me true.
I'd run the best I could."
Peter Rabbit ~ "I'm not through with you Peter Rabbit." Reddy Fox snarled.
                         "Reddy, Reddy, smart and sly,
                          Couldn"t catch a buzzing fly!"
taunted Peter.
Peace Offering ~ "Thank you, Little Joe," replied Buster, "I think we are going to
be friends." "I.....I hope so," replied Little Joe.
Frog's advise ~ Always make friends with those who are stronger and smarter
than you are. You'll find it pays.
A fisherman must be patient ~ two or three fish swam in close to where he was sitting.
Trout ~ "Here's your trout, Mr. Otter."
Buster Bear greets his friends. ~ "I,m going fishing."
Sleepytime ~ Very wise bear.
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