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Do you think that George W. Bush should be the President of The United States of America?
Poll Question:
There is so much controversy over whether George W Bush should be the President of The United States of America or not. I personally think, No, actually, not really! The question now is, what do you think? Keep this in mind, it only takes two clicks to vote. Also remember, it only takes two clicks to rate.
Poll Options:
      Yes, i do, and i'm proud of him!
      No, actually, not really!
      President, what's a President?
      Who's George W. Bush?
      I don't follow politics.
      I'd like a Chicken Deluxe Sandwich extra cheese, hold the pickles, with an Incredibly-Large Blueberry cupcake.
      I don't mind anyone being President as long as we're civilized.
      I think George W. Bush made some bad decisions, but he should still be President.
      I just want to view results, but don't want to vote.
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