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You are female, and you find yourself in a culture dominated by women
Poll Question:
I love probing the depths of the female mind. You go into a time machine and discover that this future culture is now completely dominated by women. Men are seen as totally inferior to women and used in a variety of ways: Some men are used as human furniture and sat on. You happen to be wearing a mini-skirt with bikini panties on underneath. You are shown a man lying on a couch. He is a young and muscular man. The women have taped a narrow flexible tube to one side of his mouth and down the side as to be out of the way, yet enabling him to breathe. The futuristic women invite you to sit on him if you like. Do you...
Poll Options:
      sit on his face
      sit on his chest
      sit on his face, but don't let your skirt go over him
      sit on his face and let your skirt go over him
      sit on his chest first, and then his face
      refuse to sit on him, even though it's encouraged
      Ask him permission to sit on him. If he objects, sit on his face anyway.
      Ask him for permission to sit on him. If he objects, don't sit on him.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/1512007-Another-one-for-18-girls-and-women-only