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User poll on reviewing.
Poll Question:

Reviews are an integral part of WDC. They are the feedback mechanisms through which readers communicate with the writer and tell her how they feel about her work. It is a powerful tool for the critics which puts a writer under continuous pressure to deliver only her very best.


A well done review should both encourage and chide. The reader should tell what she liked and what could have been better. However, like the proverbial ‘other side of the coin’, reviews do have a flip side too. An unduly harsh and negative review can demoralize a writer and push her into depression. In extreme cases, she may never put pen to paper again.*Cry*


You have just read a bad piece and have to review it. What would you do? And yes, let me put together a loose definition of a 'bad piece'. Uninteresting and insipid storyline, poor language, plenty of grammatical mistakes are all that would qualify for a 'bad piece'.

Poll Options:
      1. Provide blunt feedback with an appropriate rating but also point out ways of improvement.
      2. Give a fluffy review. Why should I be the one to break the harsh news to her? Why should I hurt anyone?
      3. Not review at all. Just ignore it like a bad dream and get on with life.
      4. Do not rate the item at all. Just send a private mail to the writer explaining where she went wrong and what she should do
      5. Provide correct but polite feedback. Make an effort to find out at least something that is good which would cheer her.
      6. Provide direct feedback. Tell her that she is wasting her time and should pursue a different career.
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