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Seeking public opinion on how poems should be categorised as part of the Quill Awards
Poll Question:
There are currently two main categories for poetry in the Quill Awards - structured or free verse. These two categories are then divided (by line count) into 'short', 'medium' and 'long' poems.

There has always been a few poems that we'd had difficultly slotting into one or other category, because they might be 'structured' but don't follow a set form. Others have argued that all poems, including free verse, are structured in some way or another.

We're looking to see what public opinion is on changing the poetry categories. Any change will not affect the eligibility of poems for nominations, but may change what other poems they are judged against.

Please note that we will continue to create smaller subcategories by line count to ensure that categories are manageable to judge. The line limits for each category will be determined by the number of entries into each category, but at this stage it looks like they'll be 'Under 20 lines', 'Under 30 lines' and 'Over 30 lines'. It has been suggested that syllable count would be a more accurate representation of length, and presumably word count would also be more accurate than line count, but both of these methods would create considerably more work for the Quills team and we have therefore opted to continue using line count.
Poll Options:
      Retain the current categories - 'Structured' and 'Free verse'.
      Use 'Form' and 'Free verse' as the categories.
      All poetry, regardless of whether form or free verse, together, only subdivided by line count.
      Other (please email Elle to explain)
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