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Contests, Activities, & Surveys & Fun Stuff at the Sandbox.
Welcome to Contests, Reviews, Campfires, & Activities!.

A graphic for my Surveys & Fun Forum

*Smile* Here's where I keep my surveys, my in & outs, polls, campire, the Bard's Hall contest and various other interactive stuff about my stories, thoughts & ideas. Feel free to play around and have fun!

*Note1* Look for me to do some housekeeping with his folder in the near future. It will be more of an organizational type nature.

*Sad* It's with a sad heart that I am putting aside my review forum, "Reviews from the Sandbox." Due to real life and my other committments with Writing.com, I cannot keep up with the requests and I'm not completing them in a timely manner in which "I" feel they should be done. When I can give the forum more time, I'll bring it back. Within the next couple of days I'll finish off all pending reviews and reward two merit badges each for poetry, short stories, and novel, for May and June. Thanks so much for you patience with me regarding the forum.

Glowing Steph
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