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Just madlibs, nothing more!
Get lost in a sea of insanity, with my madlibs!
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    Rated: 13+ · Holiday · #1730360
    Trying to catch Santa in the "act."
    Rated: ASR · Parenting · #1676849
    Adapted from Shel Silverstein's "Picture Puzzle Piece"
    Rated: ASR · Comedy · #1567224
    For Twilight fans! Not a Twilight fan? Wing it! Massive spoiler alerts, etc, etc...
    Rated: ASR · Dark · #1499921
    An interview with a suspected vampire
    Rated: 13+ · Comedy · #1354670
    Written for a Madlib contest.
    Rated: ASR · Comedy · #1137909
    For Harry Potter fans; my theories on the eventual outcome of the series.
    Rated: 18+ · Comedy · #1055698
    A Madlib written for a contest, Madliberation
    Rated: 13+ · Comedy · #1052283
    The real reason I didn't marry that amazing boy of my youth.
    Rated: E · Food/Cooking · #1037476
    A nifty how-to guide for the first time cook! (don't try this at home)
    Rated: ASR · Comedy · #1021080
    Devil's Night takes on a new twist for a pair of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.
    Rated: E · Other · #1009960
    Just a little ditty about my first day at my new job.
    Rated: ASR · Comedy · #1007428
    A satirical look at the modern-day child.
    Rated: E · Comedy · #1005241
    Well, you asked for a longer Harry Potter Madlib, and you got it!
    Rated: E · Comedy · #1003195
    An eventful day at the Gas-n-Pass.
    Rated: ASR · Comedy · #1000981
    The story would be tragic, if it weren't for the interesting words...
    Rated: E · Comedy · #997975
    Several mother goose nursery rhymes, mad-lib style
    Rated: E · Comedy · #994062
    Yet another take on an annoying poem I had to memorize in High School.
    Rated: E · Comedy · #992708
    Another take on another anoying poem I had to memorize in school.
    Rated: E · Comedy · #992597
    A take on that annoying poem we all had to memorize in high school.
    Rated: E · Fantasy · #992280
    Just another Harry Potter Madlib!
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