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Folder containing my short stories.
Planetary Journey

Into the realm of night,
         I let my mind take flight,
And beyond Van Allen's Belt,
         The loneliness of space I felt.

To Mercury's domain I sped,
         Where by a lake of molten lead,
I watched a solar flare explode,
         Expanding beyond Jupiter's abode.

The planet Venus called to me,
         A whisper from her cloudy sea,
And standing on her unseen land,
         I watched her struggling life expand.

I walked over Luna's dusty plains,
         Scarred by meteoroid rains,
Paused at Apollo landing sites
         Then climbed to Luna's craggy heights.

I strolled over Mars rust red land,
         Through lichen fields sown by nature's hand,
I saw a kaleidoscope of life,
         On a planet torn by natural strife.

Through the Asteroid Belt I flew,
         Through dust clouds fine as morning dew,
I raced the speeding meteorite,
         Until Jupiter's call stopped my wild flight.

Through Jupiter's domain I roamed,
         The surface of each moon I combed,
Then descended into Jupiter's atmosphere,
         To see if life roamed this giant sphere,

From the moons of Saturn,
         I studied its ring pattern,
Through its atmosphere I flew,
         Viewing the struggle of life anew.

I descended into Uranus's atmosphere,
         To view any life on this ancient sphere,
And explored the surface of its moons,
         As I sped outward toward Neptune.

From its moons,
         I studied the planet Neptune,
Then descended into its atmosphere,
         To see if life lived upon this mighty sphere.

I flew over Pluto's frozen land,
         I wandered on its icy span,
Over its surface did I roam,
         To see if life called this planet home.

Thus through Sol's domain I roamed,
         Saw that life could call each planet home,
Life could evolve upon each sphere,
         And struggle beneath each atmosphere.

Poet's Note:
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