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by KimChi
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A poetic selection of crunchy crudites and hearty soups.
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Whet your appetite with these non-traditional flavors!

They may be small in size, but they're big on taste. I try to put several different herbs and spices in each appetizer.

This is my favorite: "Invalid Item I'm immensely proud of turning a bucket of lemons into a tangy tart! *Laugh*

"Namaste Gordon Ramsey (my idol!) is right--simple food doesn't have to be boring.

"Harm None Sweet, crunchy, and wholesome. A bit nutty if you're not used to these flavors. *Wink*

"Invalid Item My signature style--somewhere between a pig-in-a-blanket on a paper plate and salmon mousse on a silver platter.

Still hungry? The "Chef's Specialties are guaranteed to fill you up.

    Rated: E · Spiritual · #1202535
    It looks like plain Watergate Salad, but underneath lies heavenly Ambrosia.
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    Wholesome bluegrass is the base of this Wiccan starter. For kids of all ages.
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