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all my writings in sections
*green*WELCOME TO MY LIBRARY. I do hope you enjoy your stay. If you are not one of the people who like to *Reading* , though I don't know why you'd be here, then you have come to the right place. If you are a person who likes to *Reading*, then you're in the right place too.

*red*If you walk straight ahead you will find my novels and novellas. You see the novels are on the right 'cause I mostly write novels. LOL, get it write novels on the right, you don't? okay, I'll stop now.
*Blue* To the left of that, look carefully now, you will find my short stories. You got to look really carefully cause they are really short and you don't want to miss 'em [or step on them] *Laugh*.{SNORT SNORT SNORT]. *Orange*Anywhoo, on the right hand side you will find my poems, but you know. And in the left wing are my supper de dupper de contests ow...
*red*And in the right wing are my crosswords, surveys ext. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:] :] :] :] :] muhahahaha muhahahahah muahahahahah {cough cough}. tehe*Laugh*.
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    cool contests
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    poems I wrote
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    my extra stuff
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    short stories.
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    novells and novellas
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