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by Noe
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The folder which contains my work and thus, the bulk of my portfolio.

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If you see a diamond
And don't let me know
I may never take the time
to polish it.

*Note2* You can visit "Noelani's Scary Stories, the home for all my works that fit into the Horror/Scary genre.

*Note2* "Noelani's Fantasy Stories Is the folder I have created to hold my fantasy. Although I mainly read fantasy I don't tend to write it very often. There's a couple of light-hearted pieces, a work in progress, and some more serious stuff.

*Note2* "Invalid Item is about as Sci-Fi as I get, and it's so low-key most Sci-Fi buffs would be insulted...

*Note2* "To Be Young Again was written in the late nineties. I had just had a discussion with a good friend about souls and reincarnation. This is the story I wrote to best describe our discussion.

*Note2* "Left Hanging is something I don't do often... relationship/romance and all that stuff. I'm not particularly fond of this piece, but I've gotten a lot of great reviews of it so I'm letting it stick around.

*Note2* "Invalid Item is another one of those relationship stories, but this one has a twist. I intended to go in a different direction with this one, but it took off on its own, as stories tend to do. I imagine I'll return to this genre in the hopes that the story inside my head will come out someday.

*Note2* A little story about "Invalid Item and getting back up. Not a whole lot of story here, but it's sweet and cute and fluffy bunnies and shit...

*Note2* "Invalid Item Was written following the death of my grandfather. When my grandfather passed it was a mere 15 months after the death of my father and the grief overwhelmed me. This story is my view of heaven, and I know that someday I'll walk through that door and join them.

*Note2* I don't write poetry, but I have been known to write a sonnet now and then. "Invalid Item and "Invalid Item are written about my cats. I have five cats and plan to write a sonnet about each of them.

*Note2* "Invalid Item Was written just about the turn of the century, it's one of the few poems I've written that's actually any good. It was written for, and is dedicated to one of my best friends inhercat.

*Note2* For someone who doesn't write poetry with the inclusion of "Invalid Item I may have to create a poetry folder! This piece is my ode to November, written in July while longing for cooler temperatures.

*Note2* Last but not least is my "Flash Fiction, neatly contained within its own folder.

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