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The complete writing.com works of Jack Goldman
I've become organized, or as organized as I can become. The folders show for themselves. Still, for the sake of convenience I have placed some items below for your easy access.

Please note the age rating on these stories, poems and essays.

Five Lights to Truth  (E)
Five real life heroes lead a man to seek certain truths NOW WITH A 2014 UPDATE & NEW PICS
#1308683 by Jack Goldman

When The Memories Call  (ASR)
For all grieving parents and anyone else who has lost a loved one.
#1306527 by L. A. Powell

Are Baby Dreams Really Dreams?  (E)
A man wonders why the connection between him and his infant grandson is so strong.
#1271442 by Jack Goldman

Evil Wind  (13+)
The Goldman Series I: A day of disaster and decision, Jack first senses his lifelong enemy
#1053523 by Jack Goldman

The Dragon Rises  (18+)
The opening novella in the Jack Goldman series and the sequel to Evil Wind.
#899648 by Jack Goldman

Time of the Dragon: Part One  (13+)
The first part of the sequel to "The Dragon Rises" - Mulligan and the Serial Killers
#741455 by Jack Goldman

Proof of Life After Death  (13+)
VERY HARSH satire. Delivered with the instruments of sci-fi & horror.
#750924 by Jack Goldman

Golden  (ASR)
A Microfiction to portray an event of a single moment; one some may feel is controversial.
#899633 by Jack Goldman

Starship Sentry  (E)
Two stories, two genres, read it once and get "new eyes" to read it again.
#745226 by Jack Goldman

The Last Guardian  (ASR)
Formerly "Terminax"...A horror short? A commentary? A satire?
#745204 by Jack Goldman

Hogs n Hens  (13+)
A Christmas time comedy about a likeable rogue.
#801569 by Jack Goldman

Crooked Creek  (13+)
A love that can't be explained, bullfrogs, gunfights and a dog named Fracture.
#1110064 by Jack Goldman

And then there is one of us whom I feel is the best of all:

The Diaries of Lisa Lansing  (18+)
"I'll Always Be Your Friend" & "Yellow Bandana" in one book. Warning: cliffhanger ending.
#1290888 by L. A. Powell
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