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A collection of poems after a series of prompts
Based on terryjroo's latest series of 21 days of poetry. I did not compete in the contest, but wrote poems on these prompts after it.

Table of Contents:

one — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Write your own eulogy
Word(s) to use: pebble(s)
Word(s) not to use: eulogy, death, died, pass, remember, memory, good, happy, life

two — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
First date jitters
Word(s) to use: bizarre or bizarrely
Word(s) not to use: excite, nervous, sweat, kiss

three — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
The Great Outdoors - Pick Only ONE: Forest/Woods, Desert, Ocean, Mountain, River, Island, Polar Ice Cap, Prairie/Grassland
Word(s) to use: music
Word(s) not to use: beauty, beautiful, nature, natural, peaceful, serene

four – "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Your Favorite Cliché
Word(s) to use: use the cliché you pick

five — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Let's Get Emotional!
Word(s) to use: The emotion you pick MUST be in the Title!
Word(s) not to use: Do NOT use the emotion itself in the body of the poem.

six — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Hot in the City! (Tell me about an evening outing to the city.)
Word(s) to use: clown
Word(s) not to use: city, street, light, building, noise, noisy, people, crowd

seven — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Animal Instincts (write a poem from the point of view of an animal)

eight — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Cherished Memories
Word(s) to use: color(s)
Word(s) not to use: memory, remember, back, past, childhood

nine — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
It Goes Bump in the Night (What is it?)
Word(s) to use: pencil(s)
Word(s) not to use: scream, scare, heart, boogie(man), monster

ten — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Out My Window (describe, in vivid detail, what you see out your window)

eleven — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
You Only Live Once (interpret at will)
Word(s) to use: ramble
Word(s) not to use: live, life, once, last, best, worst

twelve — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Castles in the Sky (fairy tale-ish or fantasy-ish - something you create)
Word(s) to use: whimsy

thirteen — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Thank You Mr. Weatherman! (Any aspect of weather)
Word(s) to use: syrup

fourteen — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Quote Me This Choose a quote and write your poem based upon your interpretation of the quote.

fifteen — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
We Shall Overcome
Word(s) to use: mediocre
Word(s) not to use: battle, beat, overcome, struggle, win, won

sixteen — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Free For All (Any topic you want!)
Word(s) to use: free

seventeen — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
One Gift to Give (pick only one)
Word(s) to use: interrupt(s) or interruption
Word(s) not to use: gift, give, present, happiness, hope, love, peace, salvation

eighteen — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Make New Friends, But Keep the Old
Word(s) to use: reflect
Word(s) not to use: friend(s), friendship, buddy, pal(s), relationship, best

nineteen — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
Your Two Cents (Give me your opinion on any topic)
Word(s) to use: quick
Word(s) not to use: opinion(s), opinionated, think, feel

twenty — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Word(s) to use: Use any movie title in your poem
Word(s) not to use: movie(s), popcorn

twenty-one — "Invalid Item
Prompt :
The Next Chapter
Word(s) to use: future or tomorrow
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